Magical Experiments Podcast

Magical Experiments Podcast May 27, 2015

I’ll be on the Magical Experiments podcast June 1, 2015 6-7 PST with host Taylor Ellwood. We’ll be talking about the role of health in magical work, and how magic can be used to work with health.

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Taylor is the non-fiction editor at Immanion Press. “My focus as a magician is to innovate and experiment with what can be done magically. Instead of settling for what others have done, I prefer to walk my own path. While I’ll always acknowledge the influences that inform my practice, I don’t believe in blindly doing what others have done, and only sticking with what others have done. Critical inquiry, a desire to learn and experience, and also a willingness to raise the bar for magical practice is ultimately what informs my practice.”
We’ll also discuss the anthology Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul by many wonderful people who shared their stories about health and healing.

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