Imbolc potential

Imbolc potential January 27, 2015

There are several things Imbolc, or the Feast of Flames, makes me think of. It was the first sabbat I led a group ritual for, and indeed the first time I led a group ritual at all. So there is some significance there. There’s also the meaning of the holiday. This is a time of hope, of making plans and looking ahead.

As I said, it was the first time I led a group ritual. At the time I was studying with the Circle of the Spirit Tree in Bloomington Illinois. I had called myself Wiccan at the time and the summer before I was initiated into second degree. But honestly, leading this sabbat, serving as priestess for the group, is what made me feel like I had achieved something. I felt like I had finally earned that degree, and it was time to start something new. Though I lingered with the group for another year or so, I felt the purpose in my life was fulfilled, and I had gained what I needed, the ability to lead a group in a ritual. I love being a leader, and was just waiting to strike out and make something of myself. It was a new beginning that Imbolc, a new stage in my spiritual life. In fact it was the beginning of my transition out of the life of darkness I used to lead, with all that happened, to the life I live now, which is full of hope and possibility, and much less fear. Just as Imbolc is the beginning of the transition from winter to spring.
It is time to begin to hope again. The warmth and light will be rekindled, and green will overspread the Earth soon. Here is the chance we need to do the same in our lives. We have rested, and it is time to envision what we could make of our lives in the coming months. Plan your path, sew the seeds of your desire, and support their growth. We all have this potential.

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