Plus: NRA complains about anti-gun witches hurling curses at them; vandals smash copies of Egyptian gods’ statues in Greek site; and ‘Shinto Jew’ political commentator Charles Krauthammer dies. Read more

Doreen Valiente Foundation gains full charitable status, plus: Ancient doodle discovered on windowsill at Tintagel Castle is evidence of ‘King Arthur’s court’; Leading Shinto scholar discusses Ise Grand Shrine Read more

Although Shintoists outside Japan can feel a little disconnected from the “Land of Kami,” now more than ever there are ways for overseas practitioners of Shinto to connect with Japanese shrines. Read more

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto for June 3rd – 10th: Russian Orthodox Church condemns Pagan popularity in military; Tsukiji shrine holds send-off for market; Leader of Britain’s opposition vows to return Elgin Marbles to Greece if he becomes prime minister. Read more

Thanks to massive public outcry, including from many Pagans, UK government plans to create a new wave of schools that can select 100% of pupils on the basis of religion have been scrapped. But religious discrimination in our schools is far from over. Read more

Top stories in Paganism and Shinto for May 27th – June 3rd: Iceland’s pagan Zuist religion hopes to build temple. Plus: Thieves steal approx. 100 Buddhist and Shinto statues; Oldest pagan grave in Istanbul discovered; and more… Read more

Following the incident of a Pagan stabbed for drumming in his garden, Pagans from around the world share their experiences of performing rituals in their own gardens. Read more

The top stories in Paganism and Shinto for May 21st – 27th: Pagan stabbing victim John Bennett speaks out; Tokyo celebrates Sanja Matsuri festival; Murder at Scottish witch’s memorial; and more… Read more

The top stories in Paganism and Shinto for May 14th – 20th: – World’s oldest Pagan pride parade celebrates 20th anniversary – University of Edinburgh to appoint its first pagan honorary chaplain – New Zealand to gift horse to Shinto shrine – And more… Read more

Following news that a couple who attacked and stabbed a druid will not be jailed, I have a number of questions – and I’m reminded of why I do not hold rituals in my own garden anymore. Read more

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