A major Shinto sect officially recognises its LGBT wing Read more

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I’ve written previously about my kamidana – my household Shinto shrine. I talked about how the most important part of the Shinto shrine is the ofuda; a paper charm that carries the essence of kami. One thing I didn’t mention was that ofuda, like many other Shinto items, are traditionally not considered to be permanent. On January 15th, it’s traditional to return the ofuda to the shrine where it was purchased, so it can be respectfully cremated in a ceremony… Read more

I am delighted that Cambridge University’s Trinity Hall are planning a Solstice party. I’m pretty envious that I won’t be able to go myself; it sounds delightful: “Join us as we dance through the shortest night into the longest day, while the sun stands still. Witness the transformation of the beautiful grounds of Trinity Hall under the light of the midnight sun. Experience the enticing array of food, drink, music and entertainment we have to offer. With installations that will… Read more

Your help is needed to stop proposals that would allow British schools to select 100% of pupils based on their religious background. Read more

Did St Thomas miraculously call forth this well? Can it cure leprosy or eye ailments? Whatever the truth, there is certainly something magical about the Black Prince’s Well…. Read more

Earlier this week, I blogged about the issue of images of Orang Rimba children being censored on Facebook. Since then, there’s an update… Read more

There are some cases where Facebook’s censorship goes too far. So far that it ends up silencing those who need to be seen and heard most of all on social media. Read more

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