We Are Wild And We Are Free: Paganism And Liberty

I delivered the following speech at a multi-faith discussion event on the subject of Freedom at Chatham Unitarian Church on July 20th 2017.  I’d like to play you an excerpt from a song by British rock band Inkubus Sukkubus. This band is popular in the British Pagan community, as they frequently sing songs about nature worship, [Read More…]

Is UNESCO Enabling Discrimination? The Case Of Okinoshima

Half of the world’s population are banned from setting a foot on the latest Unesco World Heritage site, simply on account of not being men. [Read more…]

Celebrating The Tanabata Star Festival in London

Shintoists in the UK come together to celebrate the reunion of the astral lovers and make wishes. [Read more…]

If You Break The Law To Stop Free Expression, You’re Just Being Lazy

Blasphemy is never an excuse to commit a crime. Ever. [Read more…]

Book Review Special: Malala Yousafzai and Maajid Nawaz

An atrocity happened in my country last week. In response I have picked up the weapons that frighten extremists the most: books. [Read more…]

Help Britain’s Foxes! Speak Out Against Fox Hunting

I am a devotee of Inari Ōkami, the Shinto kami of rice and prosperity. Foxes are sacred to Inari; they are His messengers, and as such Her shrines typically feature fox statues and other fox images. Foxes are therefore very special to me. But aside from the personal, spiritual significance foxes have for me, I also feel it is [Read More…]

Pagan, Shinto & Spiritual Book Reviews April 2017

This month, two recent adaptations of the Norse myths by two bestselling authors go head-to-head: Joanne M Harris’ 2014 novel The Gospel of Loki, and Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, published earlier this year. But which book will get Read Of The Month? The full list of this month’s reviews is as follows…. Neil Gaiman, Norse Mythology [Read More…]

Making Anzac Biscuits For Beltane and Anzac Day

As an Eclectic Pagan, I actively borrow traditions from all over the place, including integrating secular holidays into my spiritual practise. One thing I try to do is to incorporate some elements of New Zealand culture into my path, because my husband is from New Zealand and I think it is important to celebrate his [Read More…]

A Secret Sunrise Beltane Celebration

Beltane is subversive. More so than Samhain, in my opinion, even though the latter may seem pretty subversive with its skulls and darkness and trappings of death and the otherworld. But Samhain is somewhat softened by the child-friendly costume parties and trick-or-treat of Halloween, as well as its association with the Christian All Saints’ Day. [Read More…]

Pagan, Shinto & Spiritual Book Reviews March 2017

This month we take a look at shamanic practises both ancient and modern, with a classic academic work on Japanese shamanism and a 2017 release on animal spirit guides. Our other books this month are on the Greek mysteries, and witchcraft within the queer, trans and intersex community. The full list of this month’s reviews [Read More…]