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When I’m at Pagan Festivals I often sell books with my name on them. The majority of these books are simply collections of Blog Posts. Since the majority of people who visit my workshops don’t necessarily read Raise the Horns this makes a lot of sense to me. A few of these collections also feature “completely fresh” writing unavailable anywhere else. You probably don’t need (or want) to buy any of these collections, and that’s certainly fine. They are only here because I get asked about them from time to time.

As these books are put together solely by me, they often contain a large amount of typos and other problems. I’m sure you’ll run into a misspelled word here and there, or perhaps something even worse! I apologize in advance, and if it makes you feel better I’m not really making a whole lot of money on these things.

This book was my first attempt at an extended writing project. I was hoping that it would end up with a major publisher, but after an early rejection I became rather despondent and decided to only sell it at festivals. If you want to learn some history, and a bit about Pan, penises, and horns, it’s not a bad book, it just could be a lot better. If you enjoy my writing style on Raise the Horns you’ll probably like my writing style here too. It’s only $14.99 plus shipping, and you can order it here. If it will help set your mind at ease, no one has ever sent a copy back to me.

Of all the things on this blog, I think I’m most proud of the rituals. I won’t say that I take great joy in writing rituals (it’s more like pulling teeth) but I’m usually happy with the results. This book contains a few of the rituals already on RtH (more specifically Samhain, Yule, and Imbolc), but even more that aren’t. Even the ones that have been shared here are changed a little bit. In addition to my rituals, there’s also a Lughnassa Ritual from Angus McMahan and a Druid Midsummer ritual by Melissa Hill. As the title says there are also reflections on holidays as a whole, again it’s mostly stuff from this blog (like the Halloween and Christmas articles), but don’t you want that in book form? This one is also $14.99 and is available here.

This is a rather slim volume, reprinting some of my favorite RtH columns (Led Zeppelin! Black Sabbath! T. Rex!) and also includes a lot of never seen before material, including stuff on the blues and Jim Morrison. In addition there’s a story about Dionysus, Jesus, and cheese crackers alongside an extended look at the worship of Aphrodite in the Ancient World. Because it’s shorter than the other two it’s only $11.99, but even at that reduced price point you are probably still getting ripped off. Again, this stuff is only here because people ask about it. I sell books at festivals to make cider money, not to get rich.

Did you want an e-book copy of these products? Don’t worry those are coming soon, so feel free to wait if that’s the format you truly desire.