Catching Up With American Horror Story Coven


It’s the end of “American Horror Story Coven,” and I’m betting I liked it a lot less than most of you. [Read more...]

The Questions of Polytheism


I’ve always called myself a polytheist, but the label is no where near as important as my relationship with deity. Are the gods somehow all related? Does it matter? Why defining my own polytheism often leaves me with more questions than answers. [Read more...]

Reasons For Celebrating Imbolc


Imbolc has never been my favorite holiday, but it’s always been an important mile-marker on the Wheel of the Year. It lacks the sexiness of Samhain or Beltane, but it offers a whole host of reasons for celebration and reflection. No matter your geographical and/or life circumstances Imbolc can still have meaning. [Read more...]

A Failure to Communicate (And Hope for the Future)


Sometimes I look around the Pagan Blogosphere and simply shake my head, unsure of what to say. There are ways to argue and ways to disagree as an adult, curse words and personal insults are not among them. [Read more...]

Imbolc Ritual 2014


Like the rain, the Lady cleanses and renews us. Like the earth, the Lord purifies and prepares us for the Springtime yet to come. Gather the coven and celebrate, Imbolc is nearly upon us! [Read more...]

Encountering Brighid


Brighid is one of the most well known and adored goddesses in all of Modern Paganism. She was worshipped by the Celts in Ancient Ireland, and later transformed into a Christian Saint. Hail Brighid, unconquerable goddess! [Read more...]

10 Responsibilities of a Host

january altarunnamed

For those who host, or are thinking about hosting an event, ten essential tips that will have people wanting to come back to your house. [Read more...]

Fantasy, Paganism, and Real Life


Critics of Modern Paganism often accuse Pagans of living in a fantasy world or “playing Harry Potter.” For me, Paganism does just the opposite; it brings me closer to reality and the world we live in. [Read more...]

The Non-Adept’s Guide to Aleister Crowley


Aleister Crowley continues to cast a large shadow over both ritual magick and Modern Paganism. Where does the non-adept start when trying to figure out Crowley’s legacy and influence? [Read more...]

The Journey


Paganism has always been a journey, not a destination. No matter how long we travel upon our chosen paths, there is always more to learn and experience. [Read more...]