(More) Pagan Things Made by Pagans For Pagans

The (not quite) perfect holiday gift guide featuring Pagan things made by Pagans for Pagans! Perfect for the coven, grove, or circle that enjoys playing Secret Krampus! [Read more…]

Thanksgiving Myths

Thanksgiving is one of America’s most enduring and beloved holidays, but it’s origins and history are far more tangled than most history books suggest. [Read more…]

Paganism in the Disney Vaults

Animated versions of Persephone and Pan next to Mickey Mouse? Not quite, but the Walt Disney company did make some outstanding cartoons in the 1930’s that still appeal to Pagan audiences. [Read more…]

Remembering Carl Weschcke

Carl Weschcke was simply one of the most important people ever in the modern history of magick, Paganism, Witchcraft, and the occult. We were all touched and influenced by him, whether we know it or. [Read more…]

Nope, Just Another Wedding

I didn’t perform a gay wedding last night I simply officiated a wedding. Love is love, and if some people have trouble accepting that, I hope they are at least able to find the joy that comes with the happiness of others. [Read more…]

The Trouble With 101 Books

“What book would you recommend for a beginner?” It’s always such an innocent question, but the answer is usually less so. [Read more…]

Halloween is Also Stupid Season

Halloween season is a favorite of many Pagans and Witches, but it’s also a time for stupid and ridiculous articles about Paganism and Witchcraft. Here are a few of them. [Read more…]

(Not Really) Witches of America

Jason reads “Witchcraft of America” by Alex Mar. He encourages you not to repeat his mistake. [Read more…]

All Things Samhain & Halloween (Histories, Rituals, and More!)

One stop shopping for all of your Samhain and Halloween needs. We’ve got rituals, perspectives, opinions, histories, and other assorted tricks and treats! [Read more…]

4 Halloween & Samhain Myths

Is the Day of the Dead another name for Halloween? Is Halloween truly a Pagan holiday? Should I be worried about my cat or my kid’s candy? Answers to some of Halloween’s biggest myths are revealed! [Read more…]