You Don’t Have to Be Initiated To Be a Wiccan

Does one have to be an initiate to be a Wiccan? Words evolve and definitions change, and there is no better example of that change than the word “Wicca.” [Read more…]

The Blessings of Autumn

I don’t know if Pagandom has a “favorite season,” but most of my friends seem to love Fall the best. In the Autumn I feel the turn of the Wheel more keenly than at other times of the year, and there always just seems to be an excitement in the air this time of year that’s absent from other seasons. [Read more…]

When They Hate What You Love

Sometimes people hate what you love, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However there’s no need to ridicule the things we don’t like or don’t understand. [Read more…]

The Tenacity of Living Things

Sometimes the wild things don’t just exist in the forest, they can be found in our own front yards. [Read more…]

Deities Matter

If we are going to put time and energy into creating rituals, we should take at least an equal amount of time and energy determining who we should invite to those rites. The deities we call matter. [Read more…]

I Don’t Like the Word “Woo.”

Many Pagan/Magical folk use the word “woo” to describe supernatural or occult experiences. But some of us just don’t like the word and it was originally meant to be insulting. [Read more…]

When Someone Leaves Paganism

When a friend leaves the Pagan Path we should generally be supportive and act like the friend we say we are. It also provides a good opportunity to look inward and see if we are truly living up to what we claim to believe in. [Read more…]

American Paganisms: The Feri Tradition

Perhaps the most long-lasting and influential American Paganism has been the Feri Tradition, originally articulated by Victor and Cora Anderson. In order to further explore the tradition I sat down recently with current Grandmaster Anaar Niino for a wide ranging talk on the tradition, the Andersons, and the future of Feri. [Read more…]

Why I’m Still a Wiccan Witch (And a Pagan, For Now)

In my twenty-one years of Paganism I’ve used three different words to describe myself: Wiccan, Witch, and Pagan. Out of the three I like Witch the most these days but my love for all three words has waxed and waned over the years. Instead of looking at just where I’m at today, I thought I’d look at the evolution of those words in my life and experience. [Read more…]

Many Gods, Many Paganisms

While I remain a big fan of the Pagan Umbrella I think there are some holes in it, but it leaks a bit less when we break bread and drink cider together. [Read more…]