When Someone Leaves Paganism

When a friend leaves the Pagan Path we should generally be supportive and act like the friend we say we are. It also provides a good opportunity to look inward and see if we are truly living up to what we claim to believe in. [Read more…]

American Paganisms: The Feri Tradition

Perhaps the most long-lasting and influential American Paganism has been the Feri Tradition, originally articulated by Victor and Cora Anderson. In order to further explore the tradition I sat down recently with current Grandmaster Anaar Niino for a wide ranging talk on the tradition, the Andersons, and the future of Feri. [Read more…]

Why I’m Still a Wiccan Witch (And a Pagan, For Now)

In my twenty-one years of Paganism I’ve used three different words to describe myself: Wiccan, Witch, and Pagan. Out of the three I like Witch the most these days but my love for all three words has waxed and waned over the years. Instead of looking at just where I’m at today, I thought I’d look at the evolution of those words in my life and experience. [Read more…]

Many Gods, Many Paganisms

While I remain a big fan of the Pagan Umbrella I think there are some holes in it, but it leaks a bit less when we break bread and drink cider together. [Read more…]

One Does Not Simply Boycott a Sabbat

One cannot simply boycott a sabbat. Sabbats occur whether you celebrate them or not. [Read more…]

Lughnassa/Lammas: What’s In a Name (or Date)?

Lammas? Lughnassa? July 31? August 1? Why the different names and dates, and in the end does it matter? [Read more…]

American Paganisms: Feraferia

The United States has birthed a large number of Modern Paganisms over the last 100 years. One of the most long lasting and interesting is Feraferia, whose origins date back to the mid 1950’s. [Read more…]

Buying Pagan Stuff: A Guide For Those Trying to Do (Mostly) the Right Thing

Finding the middle ground between “Capitalist Witch Destroyer of Rain Forests” and “I Made It All On My Own Out of 100% Recycled Organic Materials” is challenging, but I think it can be done. It’s all about prioritizing what’s most important and making sure you still have money to pay the rent. [Read more…]

4 Things I Sometimes Envy In Other Faith Traditions

I’ve been a Pagan for over twenty years now and over that period of time I’ve never had any desire to leave my faith. However, there are times when I look to other faiths with an envious eye. Even when someone practices differently than I do, it’s still possible to learn from them. [Read more…]

Kokopelli: Fertility God of the American Southwest

The origins and attributes of Kokopelli, Native American fertility god of the Southwest. [Read more…]