Why I Call Myself a Polytheist

I’ve always thought of myself as a practitioner of Wicca and a polytheist. I think deity is real and that it can and does interact with us. [Read more…]

Can Deity Be a Fad?

Can deity be a fad? Are certain goddesses and gods just trendy? Perhaps, but then again perhaps deities re-emerge for very specific reasons. [Read more…]

On Becoming American: Citizenship as Initiation

Here in the Pagan community, we speak of “Initiations” with a mixture of awe and proprietary-ness – as if we were the ones who invented them. If we did, it is only in the broadest sense of “pagans” and only in the most mythological of ways.
[Read more…]

Paganism, the 60’s, and the Grateful Dead

If Paganism is a culture and not a religious grouping then the music and fandom of the Grateful Dead has long been a Pagan institution. The best moments I’ve had as a Pagan I’ve also experienced with Deadheads. [Read more…]

Uppercase Paganism

What to capitalize in Paganism has long been a tricky and confusing subject, and how people approach capitalizing words such as Pagan, Witch, and gods is often a very personal thing. [Read more…]

ISIL Executes For “Witchcraft and Sorcery”

When it comes to sheer brutality and ignorance no group in the world currently measures up to ISIL, the so-called “Islamic” state currently waging war in Iraq, Syria, and other parts of the Middle East. Over the last two days the terrorist group has executed four people for the crimes of “witchcraft, sorcery, and working with elves.” [Read more…]

Today We Won!

A world that refuses dignity to every consensual relationship is a world that doesn’t honor what I think of as sacred. [Read more…]

A Letter to Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin is pregnant (again!) so I thought I’d take a moment and write a congratulatory letter. [Read more…]

Selling Spellwork

“Selling spellwork” is a part of our heritage. Cunning-folk didn’t give their expertise away for free. Just because you don’t want to buy a spell doesn’t mean the people selling such services are bad Pagans or Witches. [Read more…]

Etsy Bans Spellwork?

The online storefront Etsy has recently changed what can be sold on the site. Of specific interest to Pagans is the ban “of (any) metaphysical service that promises or suggests it will effect a physical change . . .even if it delivers a tangible item. ” [Read more…]