Encountering Brighid


Brighid is one of the most well known and adored goddesses in all of Modern Paganism. She was worshipped by the Celts in Ancient Ireland, and later transformed into a Christian Saint. Hail Brighid, unconquerable goddess! [Read more...]

10 Responsibilities of a Host

january altarunnamed

For those who host, or are thinking about hosting an event, ten essential tips that will have people wanting to come back to your house. [Read more...]

Fantasy, Paganism, and Real Life


Critics of Modern Paganism often accuse Pagans of living in a fantasy world or “playing Harry Potter.” For me, Paganism does just the opposite; it brings me closer to reality and the world we live in. [Read more...]

The Non-Adept’s Guide to Aleister Crowley


Aleister Crowley continues to cast a large shadow over both ritual magick and Modern Paganism. Where does the non-adept start when trying to figure out Crowley’s legacy and influence? [Read more...]

The Journey


Paganism has always been a journey, not a destination. No matter how long we travel upon our chosen paths, there is always more to learn and experience. [Read more...]

The Best of Raise the Horns 2013


I’ve had a ridiculously good year at Raise the Horns. Here are the ten most-read posts of 2013, along with my five favorites. [Read more...]

Midwinter: Light in the Darkness


The Holiday Season has many reasons for celebration, but Yule is where my heart and spirit reside. The message of the Lord and Lady can be especially powerful in the darkness of Winter’s long night. [Read more...]

The History and Origins of Santa Claus


Santa’s had a long and bumpy road on his way to becoming a modern icon, but now that he’s here he doesn’t look likely to leave anytime soon. In a world that so often lacks any magic, Santa provides a doorway into a realm of imagination and wonderment. Join us as we trace his origins in Greek myth, Catholic tradition, Norse paganism, and the wilds of the human imagination. [Read more...]

Everything Yule & Christmas (Rituals, History, and More!)


The Holiday Season is a rush of social obligations, family moments, shopping, and rituals. Raise the Horns brings you resources for your every holiday need. [Read more...]

Beyond Santa Claus: The Other Gift Givers


The image of Santa Claus dominates the Holiday Season, but he’s just one of the many magical gift-givers who visit children the world over this time of year. From the more well known Krampus to the mostly unknown Yule Goat, the world beyond Santa Claus is an interesting and fascinating place. [Read more...]