I Read, I Write . . Book Reviews


This time on “I Read, I Write” we’ve got reviews of “Steampunk Magic” by Gypsey Elaine Teague, “Make Magic of Your Life” by T. Thorn Coyle, “The Myth of Persecution: How Early Christians Invented a Story of Martyrdom” by Candida Moss, and “Madame Blavatsky: The Mother of Modern Spirituality” by Gary Lachman. All of that and the occasional insight into Paganism too! [Read more...]

The Pain of Mother’s Day


I’m sure that we all experience holidays that depress instead of uplift. For me, that holiday is Mother’s Day and the days preceding it. [Read more...]

Gateways to Paganism: Silver RavenWolf


For many people, the books of Silver Ravenwolf have served as a gateway to Paganism. Love her or hate her, she’s sold a lot of books and by doing so, has influenced a lot of folks. [Read more...]

Wicca and the Fork in the Road


For some the word “Wicca” refers only to an initiatory path, but over the last thirty years the word Wicca has evolved and is now used by a broad spectrum of people. Can both sides be right? [Read more...]

Doing (and Writing About) Pagan Things


Being a Pagan is about doing Pagan things. Why does that always seem so hard to write about? [Read more...]

My Defining Pagan Moment


I’ve always wished that my “Pagan Origin Story” was cool and involved some sort of lineal family Witchcraft tradition. Sadly (or perhaps humorously) my big Pagan Moment involved a mall and a four dollar paperback book. They were small steps that would begin a much greater, and more rewarding, journey. [Read more...]

Beltane, Maypoles, and Spring into Summer


Beltane might be the most joyous holiday on the Pagan Wheel of the Year, but how much of what we do actually harkens back to ancient paganisms? Is the Maypole a timeless phallic symbol or simply a place to celebrate the state of summer? Like all holidays, Beltane is a mix of the pagan and the secular, but taken as a whole the way many of us celebrate it feels timeless. [Read more...]

Beltane Ritual 2013


A fun and flirtatious Beltane Ritual with lots of poetry, a bit of dancing, and of course innuendo. [Read more...]

The Pagan Movie Geek: Summer Movie Round-Up 2013


Have a weakness for super hero movies or sci-fi/fantasy films? So do I, and we preview the upcoming summer movie season through the perspective of the Pagan Movie Geek. [Read more...]

Strange Days: Jethro Tull’s Songs From the Wood


Jethro Tull’s “Songs From the Woods” is hailed by many Pagans as a classic. Raise the Horns looks into one of the 70′s most Pagan-friendly long players. [Read more...]