Pagan TV Club: American Horror Story Coven – The Replacements


Three episodes in, three reviews in the books. Get my thoughts on the most popular “witch” show on television, along with some favorite quotes and a few random observations. [Read more...]

We Don’t Own Halloween


Are there bits and pieces of Halloween that most likely date back to an ancient pagan celebration? Sure, I think so, but nothing exists in a vacuum. Most modern holidays have all kinds of layers and are an amalgamation of various cultures, traditions, religions, and market forces (never underestimate the desire to turn something into a money making enterprise). [Read more...]

Pagan TV Club: American Horror Story Coven (ep. 2)


This week on “American Horror Story: Coven” Angela Bassett’s Marie Laveau steals the show and and Frankenboyfriend is born. Also thoughts on magic as work and Stevie Nicks. [Read more...]

Halloween Reflections


I challenged some of the other bloggers here at Patheos to write up what Halloween means to them. Halloween is one of our shared holidays; all sorts of people celebrate it, and they do so for all kinds of reasons. I’m looking forward to hearing some of those reasons, and I hope you’ll join me in those moments of discovery. [Read more...]

Pagan Folkways: Richard Shindell

Richard Shindell

Richard Shindell is one of the most talented and praised singer-songwriters on the folk music scene. His music also contains a lot of spiritual overtones that might be of interest to many Modern Pagans. [Read more...]

A Halloween History

Let's all sing "Auld Lang Syne" this Samhain!

So where exactly did most of our Halloween customs come from? Is Halloween truly an ancient pagan festival or something else entirely. The history of Halloween is full of starts and stops, and contains both Christian and Pagan elements. Learn more about many people’s favorite holiday! [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Us! (Not Them)


Why do Pagans spend so much time talking about Christianity? Maybe we should talk about ourselves instead. [Read more...]

Pagan TV Club: American Horror Story Coven


Every late Wednesday night I’ll be posting my thoughts, 500 words or so, on American Horror Story: Coven. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on the show in the comments section! [Read more...]

Writing Group Ritual


When you write ritual you are basically answering to three very different entities: yourself, the group you are writing for, and the gods/Earth. Satisfying all three of those things while remaining true to yourself and keeping your entire circle engaged can be near impossible, but Jason makes it easier with some tried and true ritual tips and advice. [Read more...]

Becoming a High Priestess


After a recent ritual a friend sent me a text message praising my wife as “one gifted natural Witch and High Priestess.” He was right in his assessment, but my wife isn’t a High Priestess because she calls herself one, she’s a High Priestess because she earned the title, and everyone who circles with us knows it. [Read more...]