Hot-Cross Buns (A Recipe, Yes a Recipe)

I bake but once a year, and it’s always in the Spring. Hot-cross buns are a traditional Spring time goodie, perfect for cakes and ale, and celebrating the Equinox (or even Beltane!). [Read more...]

Jesus and Pagans: A Tired and Divisive Debate


I’m a Pagan, and there are no obstacles between myself and the divine. How I encounter that divine is my journey, and yours as well. If someone wants to worship Jesus in a Pagan context that’s certainly their right, just as it’s your right to not do so. [Read more...]

Pagans of the Books

While Pagans have never been a people “of the book” they’ve long been a people “of the books.” The printed page has served as inspiration in Modern Paganism and the Western Magickal Tradition, and even as media evolves, will continue to do so. [Read more...]

Pope Watch 2013


The Catholic Church has done a lot of wrong over the past 1700 years (attention journalists, it’s not a 2000 year old institution), but instead of just assuming the worst I’m going to wish for the best. [Read more...]

Eostre, Easter, Ostara, Eggs, and Bunnies


I kind of celebrate Easter. If you grew up with Easter egg hunts, baskets full of jelly beans, and huge ham dinners it’s hard to leave all of that behind. Much like Christmas, the trappings of the Easter Holiday aren’t Biblical, they are a hodgepodge of Christian, pagan, culture, and circumstance. [Read more...]

25 Most Influential People in the Birth of Modern Paganism (Top 5)


There have been many contributors to Modern Paganism over the last 200 years, but who are the biggest contributors? In the the third and final installment of “The 25 Most Influential People in the Birth of Modern Paganism” we look at the five pioneers who made the biggest marks. [Read more...]

25 Most Influential People in the Birth of Modern Paganism (American Wing)


Who are the 25 people most responsible for the rise of Modern Paganism? Find out in our three part series on Raise the Horns. This installment highlights the “America Wing,” and features publishers, folklorists, the founder of ADF, and a whole host of American Witches. Opinions expressed are only the views of the author. [Read more...]

25 Most Influential People in the Birth of Modern Paganism (European Wing)


Who doesn’t love a good list and a short history lesson at the same time? Modern Paganism has been influenced by countless people over the past 200 years, but only twenty-five of them made my list. This installment looks at ten Europeans who made invaluable contributions to Modern Paganism. Part two of this series look [Read More...]

Myth as Myth (A few hours with “The Bible” TV Mini-Series)


If you share my passion for all things religious and spiritual you might have stumbled across The History Channels’s The Bible last night, produced by Mark Burnett (Survivor) and Roma Downey (Touched By an Angel). I found the show pretty awful across the board, but much of America disagreed. It pulled in thirteen million viewers. [Read more...]

Damn You Con(s)!!! 20 Notes From February Pagan Gatherings


All of us who attend know that Pcon is not literally “the place where the Pagan Umbrella is litigated every year,” but it’s closer to that than anywhere else. It’s fuel for blog posts and books, and it’s where information and ritual outside of the written word are shared and then spread across many areas of the country. [Read more...]