Hand to Hand, Face to Face


I’m well aware that not every difference we have in Pagandom can be solved with a bottle of mead and a box of Cheez-Its, but something powerful happens when we break bread together hand to hand and face to face. For a spirituality built upon doing we sometimes forget to do with others. [Read more...]

Rustic Paganism


Many seasonal customs we associate with Modern Paganism come from sources outside of pagan antiquity, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t pagan. The things that bring us closer to the Earth and the seasons are examples of rustic paganism, no matter their origins. [Read more...]

The Charge of the God


Revealed now are the words of the Great God, or at least how one person sees him. I’ve been reciting this version of The Charge of the God for the last fourteen years, I thought it was about time I share it on Raise the Horns. [Read more...]

Passing on the Faith? Probably Not


Paganism has taught me what real interaction with deity is like because that interaction has been entirely organic. No one told me I should experience a “walk with Pan” it was something I got caught up in all on my own. If people are constantly telling you what deity to worship and how that deity perceives the universe it becomes that much harder to actually hear deity, any deity. Was Jesus actually answering me or was I simply repeating everything taught to me in Sunday School? [Read more...]

Your Responsibilities In Ritual


Even when we aren’t leading a ritual we still have responsibilities in the circle. Obviously we should turn off our cell phones and pay attention to things, but it’s much more than that. See what you can do to make ritual better for everyone involved, and all without having to say a word. [Read more...]

Why Millennials Love Paganism


Spirituality is changing at a rapid pace, and church membership among young people is at a low point. Could people be leaving Christianity behind because Modern Paganism better matches their beliefs? What many Millennials want out of Christianity can already be found in Paganism. [Read more...]

Looking for Lughnassa


Solar festival? Day sacred to Lugh? A celebration of the first harvest? Lughnassa is many things and perhaps even more than we realized. [Read more...]

Occult in America: Albert Pike & Freemasonry


Albert Pike will never make my list of “favorite occultists,” but he was influential in spreading European occult philosophies and ideas within the United States through Freemasonry. [Read more...]

Pagan Folkways: Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer_mtns_web edit

The phrase “all-original, postmodern, mystical American folk” has been used to describe the music of Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer. Come find out why. [Read more...]

Occult in America: Joseph Smith


Joseph Smith and the early Mormon Church were greatly influenced by magic and the occult. From peep stones to Freemasonry, Smith and his early followers were all over the occult map. [Read more...]