Lammas Ritual 2014

A Witchy Lammas (Lughnassa) Ritual inspired by medieval harvest customs. Praise to the Goddess of the Field and the Lord of the Grain! [Read more…]

Lammas: First Fruits & A Sort of Christian Feast

This Friday night when I break bread with my coven and give thanks to the Earth and the gods for Summer’s first fruits I won’t be dwelling on whether or not the celebration of “Loaf-mass” is a Christian or a Pagan one. I will be reflecting on the chain of beliefs that links me to my nominally Christian ancestors in the Middle Ages and my pagan ancestors before them. Over the last two thousand years some have tried to break that chain but the sabbats have always been far too strong for that. [Read more…]

Remembering Margot Adler

Margot Adler was not only one of the most important and influential Pagan writers of the last forty years, she was also an extraordinarily great person. She will be missed. [Read more…]

Maybe Wicca is Not a Nature Religion?

For many people Wicca is a harmonious walk with Mother Earth and the Horned God, but for some Wicca remains a far more occult-type path. As a Pagan I’m a tree-hugging dirt worshipper and feel very connected to the Earth, as a Witch I’m often far more in tune with ritual, ceremony, and communing with specific gods. The things I do as a Witch might certainly be connected to “nature religion” but I think many of them come from very different origin points. [Read more…]

Paganism Did Not Fail

Maybe the Pagans of the 1970’s thought they were going to single handedly fix the hole in the ozone layer, save the rain forests, and get everyone to eat organic but I’m not sure that was really the case. What so many of those Pagans wanted was to transform the Earth, and the human society that lives on her. In that sense those people succeeded. [Read more…]

Oh No I’m Naked!

Some reflection before heading out on the road to a clothing optional festival. [Read more…]

A (Pagan) Wind in the Willows

“The Wind in the Willows” is Pan at his very best. He’s powerful, knowable, and his tune is the very song of Nature. There are things like it in English literature, but nothing as beautiful, and it can all be found in a beloved “children’s book.” [Read more…]

Ignorance is Afoot

Why do people write about things they don’t understand? Why do some feel the need to intentionally belittle another person’s belief system? I just don’t get it. [Read more…]

Why Care About America’s Occult Past?

Occult history is our history. It contains bits and pieces of things many Modern Pagans do, and continues to have an influence on our practices. To ignore our occult past is to ignore American history. [Read more…]

Who Are We Writing For?

Who are we writing for? Are we creating a Pagan Blogosphere open to everyone or are we creating a rather exclusive little collection of theologians? [Read more…]