Alcohol Before and During Ritual

My coven uses wine during “cakes and ale” and I often enjoy a pint of cider before heading into our ritual, and I think there are good reasons for both. [Read more…]

Pagan Things Made By Pagans Generally For Pagans & Other Magickal Folk

Pagan stuff for Pagans by Pagans, just in time for all your holiday shopping! [Read more…]

Faces of the Horned God: Cernunnos

Though much about the historical Cernunnos is likely lost to history, his presence today is certainly not in doubt. He has become a vital component of the modern Horned God myth, and a deity important to Druids, Witches, and all sorts of other Pagans. [Read more…]

10 Things I Love About Witchcraft

Witchcraft offers an escape when the world gets to be just too much, but it also empowers us so that we might have the courage to face that world and change it. Here are ten things I love about Witchcraft both in and out of the circle.
[Read more…]

The Republic Will Survive, I’m Not Sure About My Friends

Thoughts on the 2016 election. [Read more…]

Hillary Clinton as a Witch

The word “witch” is being used in a variety of different ways to describe Hillary Clinton, for both good and for ill. [Read more…]

Samhain Adventures

The idea that the “veil is thin” is not just a poetic turn of phrase, for those of us that walk the path of the Witch, it’s a part of October. The thinning of the veil is as much a part of Autumn as the falling of the leaves and the shortening of daylight. [Read more…]

Creating a Tarot Deck: An Interview with Artist Matt Hughes

Go behind the curtain with artist Matt Hughes as we talk about what goes into creating a brand new Tarot Deck. [Read more…]

Halloween As an American Holiday

Halloween began in the British Isles but many of its most hallowed traditions emerged in North America, and it’s current world-wide popularity can very much be attributed to how popular the holiday has become in the United States. It’s not an American holiday in the traditional sense but it’s one we helped to shape and popularize. [Read more…]

Adventures in New Orleans: Voodoo & Marie Laveau

When Jason visits New Orleans, it’s all about Marie Laveau and Voodoo. [Read more…]