Nope, Just Another Wedding

I didn’t perform a gay wedding last night I simply officiated a wedding. Love is love, and if some people have trouble accepting that, I hope they are at least able to find the joy that comes with the happiness of others. [Read more…]

The Trouble With 101 Books

“What book would you recommend for a beginner?” It’s always such an innocent question, but the answer is usually less so. [Read more…]

Halloween is Also Stupid Season

Halloween season is a favorite of many Pagans and Witches, but it’s also a time for stupid and ridiculous articles about Paganism and Witchcraft. Here are a few of them. [Read more…]

(Not Really) Witches of America

Jason reads “Witchcraft of America” by Alex Mar. He encourages you not to repeat his mistake. [Read more…]

All Things Samhain & Halloween (Histories, Rituals, and More!)

One stop shopping for all of your Samhain and Halloween needs. We’ve got rituals, perspectives, opinions, histories, and other assorted tricks and treats! [Read more…]

4 Halloween & Samhain Myths

Is the Day of the Dead another name for Halloween? Is Halloween truly a Pagan holiday? Should I be worried about my cat or my kid’s candy? Answers to some of Halloween’s biggest myths are revealed! [Read more…]

Santa Muerte: Holy Death

The goddess and folk-saint Santa Muerte is quickly becoming one of the most beloved, and feared, deities in all of North America. [Read more…]

Samhain Ritual For the Mighty Dead

A ritual to honor the Mighty Dead of the Craft at Samhain or whenever the veil between the worlds is thin. [Read more…]

4 Reasons Why Columbus Day is the Worst Holiday

The worst holiday in the United States is Columbus Day, and the competition isn’t even close. [Read more…]

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10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Modern Witchcraft

Modern Witchcraft is a vital and living tradition, but one shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. This is one Witch’s attempt to lift up the veil a little bit. [Read more…]

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