Wicca Is Not Missing Anything

A year ago someone told me that Wicca was missing something. I completely disagree. [Read more…]

They Are Satanic: On Ted Cruz, Outrage, & The End Times

Biblical Satanism and Christianity are two sides of the same coin; you can’t have one without the other. So yes, Ted Cruz sometimes says “satanic” things. [Read more…]

David Bowie 1947-2016

If Neo-Paganism is best summed up in the Wheel of the Year, that constant cycle of life, death, and rebirth, then David Bowie is the quintessential Neo-Pagan artist. [Read more…]

What Am I Worth (Or Not Worth)

Should I get paid or compensated in some way for speaking at Pagan festivals? I don’t have a solid yes or no answer. [Read more…]

The 2015 Hornie Awards (Random Superlatives and Condemnations)

Triumphs, failures, and the year that was in Paganism (at least according to Pagandom’s “most prestigious” annual awards). [Read more…]

Holiday Traditions

A few ridiculous (and not so ridiculous) traditions celebrated at my house around the Holidays. [Read more…]

Dionysus at Yuletide

There are a whole host of deities that are honored in the early Winter, but in the customs and lore of Yuletide I always seem to find the face of Dionysus. [Read more…]

Three Lessons Learned from Star Wars That Prepared Me For Paganism

For many of us Star Wars was a formative influence. In some ways I think it helped shape me, and in doing so, prepared me to walk the Pagan Path.
[Read more…]

Things I Hate About the Holidays

Bah Humbug! I generally love the Holiday season, but there are always a few things about it that bother me. [Read more…]

No Absolutes: The Things I Don’t Know About Deity

When it comes to deity I try to avoid writing and even thinking about it in absolutes. To put it simply, when it comes to the nature of deity, I just don’t know. [Read more…]