Giving Thanks

I know Thanksgiving has a rough history but, practically speaking, it’s a much-needed holiday. Mythos aside, it’s a day to share a meal with your family and give thanks for your blessings. Whether that’s with your biological family or chosen family, whether it’s celebrated with the roasted flesh of a bird or with tofurky, it’s a nice idea.

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for this year. My family is well, my church is well, and I have enough work to keep me out of trouble. Life is full of possibility and I have enough abundance to be able to feast well with my family. I think I ended up buying 5 cans of cranberry sauce. I like cranberry sauce. Could I ask for more?

As a Pagan I’ve already celebrated 3 harvest festivals and I should be all “thanked out” but my family is Christian and I haven’t had a chance to celebrate the season of abundance and thankfulness with them yet. Whatever our differences we do love each other. So Republican will sit next to Democrat, Pagan next to Christian, married mothers next to quirky spinsters and give thanks. That’s what it’s really about. Just being thankful for the love of the crazy, weird and wonderful people in your life.

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