Wyrd Designs – a Prayer for Twelfth Night

Hail Mundilfari the time-turner
for another year’s ending,
and another’s beginning
has come upon us again.

In the spirit of the season
we have braved the dark nights and cold,
traversed snow and ice,
to visit and make merry
with our family and friends,
our neighbors and community.

When we have seen those in need
we gave generously of ourselves
to brighten and warm their days,
for the health and well-being of all.

Mundilfari we hail your Children,
through whom we measure the passage of time:

  • Sunna, the Ever-shining one,
    Goddess of the dancing Sun in the sky
  • Mani, the silver-gleaming,
    God of the waxing and waning Moon

Their guiding light
reminds us in the darkest of times
that there are paths yet to travel
and hope yet at hand,
and that You are with us always,
as constant as the passage of time.

Hail to Night and Her Daughters,
and Day and His Sons!
May we know no ill-tidings in the days
of promise that lie ahead.
May this new year be ripe
with blessings for us to harvest.

So we hail!

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  • http://sarenth.wordpress.com Sarenth

    Thank you for sharing this. Hail to House Mundilfari!

    Ves Heil!

  • Jessica

    This is beautiful, K.C! I will raise a horn to these these on this eve!

    Hail the house of Mundilfari!