Brigid Poetry Festival: Beginnings

The 6th Annual Brighid Poetry Festival is an internet tradition to honor Brighid, Goddess of Smithcraft and Poetry.

It is that time of year again, when bloggers around the world post a favorite poem in honor of Brigid, the Irish goddess and patron saint of smithcraft, poetry, and healing. Brigid’s feast day is February 1st, so between now and then is the perfect time to publish a poem to celebrate.

Here at Pantheon we decided to join in:


By Galina Krasskova

He is fire

and ice

and the hunger that stretches between them:

the yawning, gaping, ravenous chasm of the gap.

Suckled on its power

He rose up out of time

Slayer of His ancestors:

Weaver of worlds

from the viscera of their passing.

No master of civilization He

but a Prince of the untamed lands,

crackling with rage

driven by fire

as from fire He was born.

His wyrd had not seized Him yet,

only the hunger:

to move, to do, to devour, to create.

to indulge in devastation.

Three Brothers stood amidst Their grandfather’s corpse.

One held fire, the Second held ice

and the Third seized the silence stretching between them.

They saw – not that it was good

(good and evil have no meaning in this place)—

They saw potential;

and craft was born

from the slaughter of that ancient indolence.

Hail to Fire.

Hail to Ice,

and all that stands between Them.

Three ancient Brothers

learned these secrets first

and unleashed

Their hungers

upon the Worlds,

as the worlds They formed

for the future.

Odin, Hoenir, Lodhur:

They are unyielding,


They are Holy.

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