Pagan Spotlight: Lamyka

I’m going to try to regularly shine a spotlight on Pagans doing cool things, and right now I want to shine a spotlight on Lamyka, founder of Proud Pagan Podcasters, creator of Lamyka’s Wiccan Podcast, Pagan Bedtime Stories and Pagan Women’s Podcast, as well as the owner of Haumea Botanicals.

Hey ladies - she's single!

Lamyka is a native Hawa’iian and really busy lady. Besides creating a dynamic organization to trade tips and promote Pagan podcasts, Lamyka has been creating a series of bedtime stories and coloring books for Pagan kids and the young-at-heart. I’ve been featured on her podcast and the Pagan Women’s podcast, which tackles subjects from the point of view of Pagan women. I’m also a big fan of her botanicals line, particularly the solid lotions that keep my hands from drying and cracking in the winter, and as a native Georgian I’m tickled pink to learn her products are going to be sold at Phoenix and Dragon in time for Yule!

Before the story about the murder of Peruvian shamans hit The Wild Hunt, Lamyka interviewed Gianna Cicchelli about Peruvian shamanism. Her latest bedtime story features Eos, Goddess of the Dawn. I participated in the July recording of Pagan Women where we talked about work and how it affected us as Pagan women.

I encourage you to check out all the things Lamyka has been up to, and if you think she’s doing important and useful work, donate a buck or two to her fundraising drive to help keep her projects afloat. She’s 1/5 of the way to her goal and every little bit helps. I made a donation and I hope she reaches her goal!

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