New Look

Samhain is past. It’s a new year. I chopped off my hair and I’m sporting a pixie cut. So as we are in the process of upgrading all the blogs on Patheos, I decided to pull off a makeover here as well. I like it. Very celestial. An homage to my old patroness: Artemis. It feels light, open and free. It’s nice.

New can be nice. Change can be nice. I’m cooking a Thanksgiving meal for my sister’s family this year, which isn’t new, but we’re doing it at my place. That’s new, and it’s nice. It’s just going to be adults this year, which is very new, and I think it will be nice. No little ears, so we can be free to be ourselves.

There’s this mythic idea of masks that reveal, and after the somber revelry of Hallows, the introspection of fall, we can sometimes find ourselves being revealed. Unfolded. Like wise serpents we shed our skin and find new ways to grow.

We can’t stay the same. Nothing stays the same. We have to grow. We have to change. All we can hope is that we change for the better.

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Polytheistic Wiccan initiated into the Ravenwood tradition, she has many opinions. Some of them are actually useful.

  • fffh_moderator

    Eagle nebula in the background?

    • Star Foster

      Omega nebula! :)

      • fffh_moderator

        Damn.  Astronomy nerd cred reduced :(

  • Lydia

    Very pretty indeed =-)

  • Soliwo

    Personally I liked the old look better because there was more of division between the columns. I think it was more straightforward. But it is the contents that matter most.

  • Vermillion

    Ooh I love this Star! Very pretty!

  • Ian Phanes

    And it appears that the existing comments duplicated during the move to the new look….again.  *sigh* 

    • Star Foster

      This, I can fix. Have no fear…

  • Khryseis_Astra

    Beautiful image! :)

  • Soliwo

    Can you change it so we can get the links/tittles to the pagan articles on the main patheos page back?

    • Star Foster

      I’m still trying to figure out what to do there. Changes will be coming and I’ll keep that in mind.

      Would you prefer the articles from ALL the Patheos Pagan blogs appeared there? Or just this one? I think the latter is technically easier but I really like the idea of the former.

      • Áine

        I like having the other blogs there, too, but I could just as easily bookmark the other ones I read rather than nabbing the links from your page.  ;)  I definitely like having the links to your other posts, though.