13 Songs for Imbolc

I know it’s early, but I needed some good music. Enjoy 13 songs for the season!

Also known as Candlemas and Lady’s Day, this may be the most feminine of the Sabbats. So here’s to the Lady!

13. Lisa Thiel – Imbolc

12. Damh the Bard – Lady of the Silver Wheel

11. The Pretenders – Hymn to Her

10. John Denver – Annie’s Song

9. Emerald Rose – Urania Sings

8. Billy Joel – She’s Always A Woman To Me

7. Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash – Girl From the North Country

6. Kris Kristofferson – Loving Her Was Easier

5. Indigo Girls – Love’s Recovery

4. Tracy Chapman – The Promise

3. Dolly Parton – Shine

2. Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon

1. Robert Gass & On Wings of Song – The Circle is Cast

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