Almost Imbolc and I Feel Fine…

I should write something deep about poetry. Or fire. Or the sacred forge of life tempering us all. Or spring.

But I really don’t want to. We’ve had unusually warm, lovely spring weather here in Georgia and I just want to play on a tire swing. Or ride my bike. Or have a picnic.

Credit: Caroline Ford

One of those picnics where you eat tomato sandwiches, ridged potato chips, and store-bought cookies. Where you crack open a watermelon and eat it with the juice running down your arms but you don’t care because you brought wet wipes for just that reason.

One of those picnics where you lay back in the grass and watch big fluffy clouds roll by. Or sit on the shore and watch folks fish on the lake. Or sit on the beach and watch the shrimping boats chug along.

It’s one of those days where you want to sit in the yard with a tall cold drink and just sit quietly with friends watching the sun set. Where people get to telling stories late at night and someone laughs so hard sweet tea spurts out their nose, which makes someone fall out of their chair laughing. Where you realize you’re all sober, yet you’ve been up past 3 am without any idea of the time.

This morning what I really want is an apple, sweet and crisp. Or a cucumber, cold, sliced-up and dipped into jalapeno ranch dressing. I want to drive with all the windows open, the scent of freshly mown grass on the breeze and the radio cranked up to songs of my youth.

And maybe that’s about Imbolc too. The longing for summer, for warm weather, simple pleasures and good friends. Looking forward to the promise the year holds.

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Polytheistic Wiccan initiated into the Ravenwood tradition, she has many opinions. Some of them are actually useful.

  • Fern Miller

    For me, it’s quiet different than it is for you this year.  The High Days for me are about the NOW.  The growing light.  The stirring of the ewe’s wombs.

    But back in the day, it was similiar to your view this year.  The ‘ale’ for cakes and ale for a few years was chamomile tea, “The essence of the flowers to come”. 

    • Star Foster

      Normally I’m about the now too. But my head is full of plans for veggie gardens and other things to begin now that will “fruit” later.

  • LittleWitchMagazine

    It’s snowing here and freezing cold. It’s perfect Winter weather but Imbolc feels far off. We’re celebrating Imbolc with an open festival on saturday and I think we will be ankle-deep in snow by that time. At least. There will be a large fire, lots of lights and a lot of freezing people out on a field to pay homage to Brighid and the God in the form of the huge snake who stirs when Spring arrives and blesses those who honor him with a glimpse into the future. I am looking forward to it and hope to see the first flowers peeping up not long after. I have my vision set on the currents of Spring but am loving the Winter weather. I am really looking forward to Imbolc and the changes it will bring. I hope you enjoy yours as well, in your own way :)

  • John Beckett

    Days like these are why we put up with Summer in the South.

  • A.C. Fisher Aldag

    We’ve not had much of a winter here in the Great White North, so we’re kinda hoping for some wintery weather to reduce the mosquito and tick population, freeze the maple trees for syrup, set buds in the fruit trees, and so the hibernating animals get a good winter’s sleep.  Well, also for snow-boarding, ice skating, sledding, skiing, ice fishing… hasn’t been enough snow or solid ice for much of anything.  Our Imbolc rite was yesterday, and we decided not to summon the Springtime Goddess yet… not until ol’ man Winter has a proper tenure.

  • Soliwo

    Almost Imbolc and we just had our first bit of snow and cold. It was an unusually warm winter so far and this week temperatures will go down to -10. Fortunately we also finally have some sunshine which almost compensates for the low temperatures. Flowers have been popping up last month and are now smothered by snow. Strange strange weather for the usually quite temperate Netherlands.