What Is Our Purpose?

I’m still reading about Iamblichean NeoPlatonism, and it’s percolating in the back of my brain. As I’m wrapping mind around these Pagan hierarchies, unities and divisions of the soul, these intricate systems designed to explain our lives and give them direction, I’m surprised to find it a bit devoid of meaning.

Most religions insist we don’t belong here. We’re trying to get back to where we came from. Redeem our fallen state or liberate ourselves from the illusions of the material world. Some Pagan religions have these theologies. Returning to the source, gaining access to the highest plane, becoming like the Gods.

Aside from these theologies of transcendence and liberation, what is the purpose of humanity from a Pagan viewpoint?

In Heathen mythos, what is our purpose? To aid the Gods at Ragnarok?

In Hellenic religion, what is our purpose?  To maintain order out of chaos?

In Roman religion, what is our purpose? To maintain balance?

In Wicca, what is our purpose? To ensure rebirth and reunion?

In Druidry, what is our purpose? To steward nature?

What do you think our purpose is?

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