13 Songs for Ostara Again!

I’m re-using the playlist from last year. Hope you enjoy it!

13. Ostara by Lisa Thiel

12. Lord of the Dance by Gwydion Pendderwen

11. Spring Strathspey by Taste Like More(?)

10. Prayer to Eostre by WordedRite

9. Eostre by Forefather

An epic metal instrumental to get the blood stirring.

8. Eostre’s Dance by River

Another yummy instrumental.

7. Blodeuwedd by Damh the Bard

6. Rabbit’s Song by SJ Tucker

5. I Walk With The Goddess by Kellianna

4. The Circle Song by Wendy Rule

3. The Goddess and the Weaver by Spiral Dance

2. Merry May Folk by Emerald Rose

This is my default spring song!

1. Witch of the Westmoreland by Barbara Dickson

The best revival and rejuvenation song!

May abundance spring forth in your life! Blessed Ostara to you all!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/marienne.foxwood Marienne Hartwood

    A couple others in addition to some of the ones you listed that I had on my Spring Equinox playlist for our day celebration included Into the Green by Spiral Dance, The Return of the Sun by Kellianna, First Spring Day by Sub-Urban Tribe, O Ma Ma Ma by Abbi Spinner McBride, Spring Has Come by Shaam (an Islamic group, but an awesome Spring Equinox song nonetheless), and First Sign of Spring by Michelle Lewis (again, not Pagan, but an excellent embodiment of the sabbat). Pagan spring music can be a challenge to find sometimes, so thank you for sharing all of those!

  • Aidan Kelly

    It certainly never occurred to me when I wrote Pagan words for “Lord of the Dance” that it would still be around 40 years later. Sidney Carter had written the version occasionally sung by Catholics to the Shaker tune, “Simple Gifts,” but Gwydion used a different tune for it when he graciously included it on his first album, which was, AFAIK, the first recording of specifically Pagan music. The “Spring Strathspey” on your list is by him also. It’s been 30 years since he passed over, but I still miss him.

  • Anna Korn

    Thank you for continuing to include Gwydion’s music in your seasonal playlists. Apart from keeping aware of some good Pagan music, sales of Gwydion’s music and songbooks are a major source of support for ANNWFN, one of our country’s earliest Pagan sanctuaries. We are at a critical point currently–we are out of CDs, and wondering if we should start distribution via a download service

  • http://www.patheos.com/ Star Foster

     Yes, honey! Put that goodness up on CD Baby and I will buy the snot out of it! Plug it on the blog too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/marienne.foxwood Marienne Hartwood

     Like many other people out there, I probably haven’t bought a CD in years…but I buy download music very frequently. Music distribution via paid download would be wonderful!