Arrrgghhh!!!!! Blogging!

Been trying to write all day today but too many things are going on and too many thoughts in my head.

So I give up.

However, as I gear up for tomorrow’s post in which I go “Yay! Snakes!” and Jason shakes his head in exasperation as he once again debunks St. Paddy’s myths, I have this song on my mind.

It’s wistful. It’s about seeing things differently. Answering calls others do not hear.

And in a way, we each do that. We each see the world so differently from each other. Sometimes we’re a bit lonely for people who see things the way we see them.

Being around other Pagans isn’t a guarantee that you’re around kindred spirits. That can be a frustrating realization sometimes.

So here’s to those who are hearing music that those around them don’t seem to notice.


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