Kirk Cameron is a Tool

Growing Pains was a cheesy show, and Kirk Cameron wasn’t the most memorable part of the show. I was a Tracey Gold fan.

So when Kirk Cameron became a ridiculous tool for religious bigotry, it wasn’t a great loss to the entertainment world. It wasn’t like fantastic religious-themed films like Doubt or The Apostle were less for his absence.

Now all of Hollywood is engaged in condemning and mocking him for his hateful bigotry, which I admit I find entertaining. Especially because Alan Thicke and Tracey Gold, his Growing Pains co-stars, have spoken out against him.

What I do find fascinating is that as a result of this, Rob Henderson, a Druid up in Michigan, brought it to my attention that Kirk Cameron once “infiltrated” an ADF ritual in California back in 2006. The relevant and revolting section begins at the 3:55 mark:


Dude, congrats, you went to all that effort to uncover what sounds like, no offense to the ADF, the most mundane, pedestrian and dull Pagan ritual on earth. And you’re recording this like there aren’t rituals just like it on Youtube. You’re talking to these people like identical views wouldn’t be found on any open Pagan internet forum.

I love how he tries to make being sprinkled with water, and sharing cakes and ale, creepy. Gods forbid he attends a Catholic service, recording the strange mumbo-jumbo the priest incants (who knows what he’s saying!) over whatever it is in that chalice.

But here’s the kicker. He goes to all this trouble to find something spooky out of a group of ordinary people meeting publicly who probably had a nice potluck after their run-of-the-mill ritual, making scratchy recordings to mock on radio to keep his Christian speaking career going, and making himself out to be this big undercover reporter. He even breaks his own commandment by lying to the Druid he’s interviewing by telling him he’s not being recorded. All this trouble to be sneaky.

And no one recognizes him.

Member of an iconic 80’s sitcom most of these folks watched growing up. Star of about 3,692 Left Behind films. Someone whose face and voice should be recognizable. But no one cares. No one recognizes him. No one asks what a professional fundamentalist religious bigot is doing at a Pagan event, because his realm of importance has shrunk to fit the minds which he has been preaching to.

What an irrelevant dishonest tool.

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