Remember When You Couldn’t Openly Be Gay In Hollywood?

Back when stars like Rock Hudson remained deeply closeted and people warned Cary Grant against looking too chummy with Randolph Scott? Have we ever come a long way…

This Saturday, March 3rd, at 7:30 PST you can watch a live-stream of a play based on the Prop 8 trial, called 8. Rob Reiner makes it sound pretty juicy. And he apologizes that he couldn’t get any big celebrities involved in the project. I guess they were afraid of hurting their careers by actively supporting marriage equality. So the only folks he could get involved are listed. Do you even recognize any of them?


George Clooney

Brad Pitt

Martin Sheen

Jane Lynch

Chris Colfer

Matthew Morrison

Kevin Bacon

John C. Reilly

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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  • Jason Hatter

    Sheesh, when someone of Reiner’s pull can’t get any stars involved, the project MUST be bad… ;)

  • Jay

    Hey Star, FYI, but the 3rd is on SATURDAy, not Sunday.

  • Star Foster

     Argh! Thanks for catching that. I fixed it!

  • Star Foster

     I know. Reiner could never get someone like Snooki on board!

  • Jay Allen

    I was reminded of this last night watching the YouTube clips of Ellen’s coming out, and her subsequent interview on Oprah. I’d forgotten what a huge deal it was at the time, and how many people were livid that a gay person was “invading” their homes. We haven’t come nearly far enough, but we’ve come a long way. 

  • Raven

    Nice post but there are some that are still afraid to admit. Rumors about Tom Cruise being Gay, for instance, have been out for a long time. But he won’t confess. And then there are movie stars like Robert Downey, Jr. who admit to being Bi, and then turn around and take it back. And then there was Bowie…of course, his popularity was mostly in the 70′s and 80′s, however, he’s on record for saying that admitting to being Bi was the worse thing he had ever done to his career. If he could have taken it back, he says, he would have.  So it seems there are still bridges for Gay and Bisexual people to cross.