Best Fundraising Idea EVER

Best Fundraising Idea EVER June 10, 2012

I follow some atheist blogs so I knew a big fundraising campaign was gearing up for the Secular Student Alliance. Mostly it’s bloggers who are urging their readers to give, but Crommunist over at Freethought blogs went one better: he’s doing Youtube cover video requests in exchange for donations.

I found it amusing to watch him do a cover of Josie and the Pussycats, and got a kick out of his rendition of Eye of the Tiger.

As I watched the videos I quickly realized this was the best fundraising idea. Ever.

Doesn’t really matter what it’s for. Maybe it’s for some good cause that springs up, or maybe it’s for a Pagan Musicians Association where they help promote each other, trade tips, plan concerts, and trade skills (playing bass for someone’s track in exchange for studio time, for instance). It’s not like they need a label anymore in this age, but they could probably still use some support.

What it’s for doesn’t matter, because ZOMG I would so totally donate some of my tiny budget to see some of my favorite Pagan artists do crazy covers. Doesn’t have to be polished with the best lighting. It just needs to be enthusiastic and committed.

Covers I would chip in for:

Emerald Rose doing a Celtic-style Sexy and I Know It. No dice if it doesn’t include a penny whistle solo.

Kellianna covering Different Drum, which is an old Linda Ronstadt hit from when she was with the Stoney Poneys.

Damh the Bard doing an acoustic rendition of Lust for Life. Extra awesome if there are headbanging Pagans dancing in the background.

Celia doing a fun cover of She’s A Lady. In one of her wacky costumes, of course.

Lon Milo DuQuette performing a soulful rendition of Natural Woman.

Inkubus Sukkubus giving us Gothic realness on Barbie Girl without cracking a smile once.

Wendy Rule hypnotizing us with Weezer’s Undone.

Kenny Klein rocking out on She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.

Faun covering the Numa Numa song medieval style.

Fundraising isn’t easy. A lot of times Pagan causes aren’t going to give a lot back to the person who donates other than feeling good about helping out. But it seems to me that Pagan artists have a unique opportunity to help each other out, boost their own signal, and help out a worthy cause or two.

And I’m not just saying this because I’d love to have a video of Christopher Bingham singing ABBA’s Dancing Queen.



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