Laughter is Holy

Months ago I began doing something which became dubbed lolPagans (who coined that?). I snagged images of Pagan-ish characters from television and film, added some witty text and posted it online. The most popular one was from Practical Magic:

And in the “time honored tradition” of memes, I found others had gone before me:


And others followed after me (no longer recall who made this originally):

I thought that was hilarious, however you feel about the issue. Last night I realized I’d never done a lolPagan with real Pagans, and I wondered what they would look like. I considered carefully who I could make a meme about without crossing a non-funny line. So I came up with this:

Which resulted in some interesting debate as to whether you can tweak Christianity slightly and claim to have founded a religion. (You all look alike to us anyway.) But it also brought to my attention that I was wrong. Normally when a meme is wrong someone else creates a new meme to refute it, because these things never die. I went ahead and refuted my own meme, because I wanted to see it done, and because I knew all the Quagans would get a kick out of it:

And I was so pleased with my first lolPagans featuring actual Pagans I created this one:

I find this hilarious. A lot of folks found this hilarious. It’s funny. I love it. And the look on her face couldn’t be any more perfect.

Yet some people didn’t find it funny. They got their panties in a bunch. They ranted on about authority or how Wicca isn’t a contest.

So I want to point out category number 16 on the Advanced Bonewits Cult Danger Evaluation Frame is this:

Grimness: Amount of disapproval concerning jokes about the group, its doctrines or its leader(s).

So get over yourselves. Lighten up. Laugh a little. Laughter is holy and healing. The stories of the Gods are full of them laughing at things.

Oh, and I have purposefully not identified anyone in the memes in this post. If you don’t know who they are, or what they are referencing, then I weep for you. Both your Pagan and geek cred are now in question.

And I encourage you to make you own Pagan memes. Google+ makes this super easy with their “Add text” feature when you upload pics. The knock-knock jokes are awesome, but they are sooooooo 2011…. ;)

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