Friday the 13th: The West Memphis Three Living Free

When you’re talking about bad luck, these guys had it. In spades. But life is looking up for the West Memphis Three. I derive a lot of joy out of following Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin on social media and rejoicing in their happiness. So in case you weren’t following them online, this is my attempt to persuade you otherwise.

Jason Baldwin is going to school and becoming an advocate for kids who have been sentenced to life in prison. Follow him on Facebook.

Jason Baldwin just looks so joyful in every picture he posts.

Damien Echols has written a book about his experience, and has been hanging out with tattoo artists and rock stars. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Damien Echols at a book signing.

I had forgotten that today was Friday the 13th until I saw his tweet. Thanks for the reminder Damien!

Like everyone else I’m really excited about the Devil’s Knot movie being filmed right now in Atlanta about the WM3. I’m thinking that maybe on the anniversary of their release we should do something special. A big online party? An all-day G+ Hangout? What do you think?

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