Embarrass Me. Please.

I really want the Patheos Pagan Facebook page to reach 4,000 by Saturday, September 22nd. We are so close, and I really want to hit that number. I am willing to embarrass myself to reach that goal.

So here’s the deal: if Patheos Pagan on FB reaches 4k likes by the 22nd, I will do a happy dance video for the entire length of a song. You get to vote on the song. (As of writing Bohemian Rhapsody is in the lead followed closely by Sexy and I Know It.)

But wait, there is more: if we reach 4,500 likes by the 22nd, I will do full videos for the top two songs! Two incredibly embarrassing videos of a fat, white girl getting funky!

And should we somehow manage to reach 5,000 likes by the 22nd, I will post a dance video each day next week of me grooving to the top 5 songs in the FB poll. 5 embarrassing happy dance videos. Oh yeah! My future theoretical children thank you.

Oh, and if we reach 5k one lucky fan gets a $50 GaelSong gift certificate. Chosen at random. Could be a new fan. Could be a fan from day 1. Pretty sweet!

So first, go get your friends, family and random internet acquaintances to like Patheos Pagan’s Facebook page. The more likes we get, the more videos you get.

Then go vote on a song. Vote on more than one. Add songs to the list. Have fun. If you’re lucky the top five will be made into crazy dance videos.

I received some complaints that my last video was not up to snuff. So I promise the videos will be 20X more awesome than this. I will get out of the chair and lip-sync and work it:

YouTube Preview Image
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  • http://dashifen.com/ dashifen

    Bohemian Rhapsody?  Sexy and I Know It!  Boo!  Booooooo! 

    C’mon people.  Go for length of song. I vote for In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida from Iron Butterfly at 17ish minutes! Alice’sRestaurant is technically longer (18+ minutes), but I’m not sure you can dance to it.

    • http://www.patheos.com/ Star Foster

       Dash, you just ain’t right… lol

      • http://dashifen.com/ dashifen

         If I had a nickel …..

  • Lēoht Sceadusawol

    I shared it.

    as for the song… I choose “Light of Day, Day of Darkness” by Green Carnation.

    It is an avant garde/progressive metal from the 2001 album of the same name.

    It is the only track on the album, clocking in at 60 minutes and seven seconds:


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002162704205 Lori Dake

    I’m tellin’ ya – fist-pumping to Andrew WK would be memorable.