Teo Bishop: A Gift To Pagans From The New Apostolic Reformation

I heard today that the Emperor of Japan had sex with the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu.Crazy, right? How did this not make the news sooner?Apparently, the coital union has led to all sorts of trouble for the Japanese economy, not to mention the creation of a general, “atmosphere ruled by the powers of darkness.”Ouch.And...confusing.Sun Goddesses typically are associated with the Sun, and the Sun gives off light. But somehow this goddess actually is responsible for darkness…I’m sorry. This i … [Read more...]

M. Macha NightMare: Bone Blossom Channels Spiderwoman | Season of the Witch

Guest post by M. Macha NightMare for our Season of the Witch series, recounting the stories of Witches.My late friend Bone Blossom had a huge loom in her living room upon which she wove all manner of wonderful cloth. For the direct action at Lawrence Livermore Labs, at which there was a large contingent of Reclaiming Witches and other Earth-loving Pagans -- I recall this as being at Brigit of 1982 -- she created an open weaving for demonstrators to interweave flowers and feathers, photographs … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Michael York responds to Peter Kreeft

Micheal York is a Pagan theologian, retired professor of Cultural Astronomy & Astrology at Bath Spa University, currently teaches at Cherry Hill Seminary, and author of Pagan Theology.Peter Kreeft is a Christian apologist, professor of philosophy at Boston College and King's College, and author of Christianity for Modern Pagans. .Near the beginning of the article on “The New Paganism,”[1] we hear that “Paganism is simply the natural gravity of the human spirit, the line of least resis … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Teo Bishop on Celebrating the Full Moon

Teo Bishop just joined Patheos! Be sure to check out his blog: Bishop In The Grove!The Moon went full on September 11th, 2011. The Moon was full, and Pagans gathered, and we celebrated the continuity of life, the rising and falling of the tides, the movement toward light, the realization of wholeness, and the slow, steady return to the darkness.Pagans celebrate. Pagans gather and make ourselves aware of the rhythms of the Earth, and the reliability of the heavens, and we do so in the … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Scott Schulz on Salem Witch Trials Rock Opera

If you live within pouncing distance of San Francisco, you should go to this musical next weekend. If you don’t live around here, I strongly recommend watching the live stream here at 9:00pm Pacific Time on August 25, 26 or 27.Here’s why:Abigail The Salem Witch Trials A Rock Opera is a balls-to-the-wall hard rock exploration of the roots of Christian theocracy in America. While last year’s production was a somewhat muddled mess saddled with an awkward venue and abysmal sound system, this year … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Steve Provost asks Whose god is it anyway?

Need more proof that the traditional media's claims of "objectivity" are bogus? You need look no further than a single three-letter word: god.Current style in journalism goes something like this:Capitalize God or words that mean God in reference to the divine being of all monotheistic religions. Lowercase god, goddess and their plural forms when referring to the deities of polytheistic religions and cultural mythologies; but capitalize their proper names. See any bias there?I sure do. F … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Drew Jacob on Lúnasa with “The Family”

What are your plans for this Lúnasa? Hold a ritual? Make offerings? I'd like to suggest a different perspective on the holiday, and some ways to celebrate it that many Pagans may not be familiar with.For four years I've been a devotee of Lugh. I had felt a pull toward him for far longer, but also knew he's a demanding deity with high expectations of his followers. I waited until I was ready.When I first apprenticed myself to Lugh, I made a one-year contract starting May Day, the … [Read more...]

Michael York: Not All Gods Are Deities

Reprinted with permission from a Facebook group. Micheal York is a Pagan theologian and teaches at Cherry Hill Seminary.I want to talk about the gods. We probably all think of the gods differently, and some of us do not think of them at all and/or discount any existential propensity to them. For some of us they are symbols; for others they are real beings. I have currently some provocative students through my CHS module on the World’s Religions. Several have expressed themselves as p … [Read more...]

Polytheism is Good for America (and so are Pagans)

No theology is perfect, but I believe polytheism, the belief in a multiplicity of the divine, is uniquely suited towards preparing the United States for its future. In his book "The Deities Are Many: A Polytheistic Theology," York University Professor Emeritus of Humanities Jordan Paper concludes that "polytheism at best is a very positive human experience and is never less than benign. We do not find the angst, let alone the doubts, that many experience with regard to their relationship with … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Drew Jacob “Temple Without a Song: a Report to the Community”

For seven years Temple of the River has been near to my heart. Most days, regardless of work or family obligations, I spent at least a little time thinking about or working for the Temple. As it grew, a lot of that time was spent working with students who stepped up to take over some of the work. It was never an easy project. But it was always worth it because we were building something that would help people.Temple of the River began as an experiment. It was founded in 2004 as the first … [Read more...]