Remembering 9/11

Another post from last year as we move closer to the 10th anniversary of 9/11.(Warning: some of the descriptions below are graphic and may be disturbing for some readers.)It’s the aftermath of 9/11 I remember the most: people wandering like ghosts through silent streets for days after the towers fell; the echoing silence everywhere, a silence so profound it was nearly palpable; the scorched and smoky smell that permeated everyplace Downtown, that made the heart jump and the throat c … [Read more...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day? I Don’t Think So.

I was driving around my little town today and I saw that several houses already have decorations up for St. Patrick’s Day, which in the US is about two weeks away. I usually forget all about this “holiday,” and I certainly don’t celebrate it, but this time, seeing the shamrocks and the green paper garlands festooning my neighbor’s home, I decided to sit down and write a little bit about why.I realize that for many people, St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of Irish pride. I think that’s a goo … [Read more...]

Happy Aphrodite’s Day? (A Few Curious Ramblings)

Aphrodite scares me. I have this list of Gods and Goddesses in my head (mostly Goddesses) Whom I will go out of my way not to offend, annoy, or otherwise irritate (not that I want to offend, annoy, or irritate any Deity!) and Aphrodite tops the list. She beat out Hela, the Norse Goddess of death for the honor, though I have to admit it was a close call. To put this in perspective, I belong to Odin and I’ve known many people to find Him utterly terrifying so when I talk about how terrifying I f … [Read more...]

A Meditation for Imbolc and Charming of the Plough

Poet T.S. Elliot called April the cruelest month, but I’ve always thought February fits that appellation far more thoroughly and resolutely. I detest this month, though I have to admit that it wasn’t always so.  My adopted mom died in February though and since then everything, from the snow and ice, to Valentine’s day decorations, to the joyful celebrations of Chinese New Year remind me of her passing. For me, it’s turned an otherwise innocuous month into something bleak and grim. Still, there ar … [Read more...]

Religious and Pro-Choice

Also see Star Foster's and K.C. Hulsman’s posts on abortion.We’ve just passed the anniversary of Roe v Wade and I am filled with dismay. In the forty years since this landmark decision was made, abortion rights have been chipped away little by little each year rendering it an empty victory. This saddens and angers me. I wasn’t initially planning on writing anything today. Certainly I wasn’t planning on commenting on this anniversary, but I strongly feel that at least one religious voice needs t … [Read more...]

A Meditation for Yule

Yule is one of my favorite holidays. Perhaps this is simply because it’s so commonly associated with Odin and the Wild Hunt within Heathenry and I love Odin dearly. Perhaps it is because I treasure the dark time of winter, the emotions evoked by the decorations and festivities of this time, and the sense of solitude that for me, comes with the shortening of the days. Perhaps it’s a combination of the two. I don’t know. For whatever reason, however, I gravitate toward those holy tides that fall in … [Read more...]

My Top 10 Pagan/Heathen Movies

Ok, I usually don’t write about topics like this, but over the past week half a dozen people have asked me about my favorite “Pagan” movies. Maybe they wore me down because I woke up this morning with the thought that I should put a little article together on my top ten so that others could enjoy them too. Now, when people ask me about my favorite Pagan themed movies, I can point them to this!This isn’t my complete list, folks. There are other movies that I think are useful for Pagans and Heath … [Read more...]

A Meditation on Samhain

I love this time of year more than any other. Almost on cue with the coming of Samhain, my little part of the world seems to transition abruptly into late autumn. Winter stands ready at the threshold just waiting for nature’s invitation to cross. There’s more than just a delicious chill in the air, now the wind has bite and the promise of the coming winter’s stinging coldness driving it. Now there is the breath of ice and frost dancing on the windows, on the bushes, on the brittle grass in early … [Read more...]

Honoring the Ancestors: Samhain and Beyond

There’s a great deal of focus around Samhain on honoring one’s ancestors, and honoring the dead in general. Whether we celebrate Samhain or Winternights, that’s what this holiday is all about, right? Well, yes….but ideally the celebrations that mark the end of October, should be the culmination of a year spent regularly and consistently interacting with the dead, honoring them, and recognizing their role in the continuing evolution of our spirituality. Honoring and interacting with the ancestors … [Read more...]

Interview with Janet Munin, author of “Queen of the Great Below: An Anthology in Honor of Ereshkigal.”

October, it seems, has been an interesting month for devotional work. This week has seen the release of the first devotional devoted entirely to Ereshkigal: the Sumerian Goddess of the Underworld. Janet Munin’s book, titled ‘Queen of the Great Below: An Anthology in Honor of Ereshkigal’ is an intense and beautifully written work of devotion, desire, and service in honor of a Goddess often overlooked by contemporary Pagans. To my knowledge, this is only the second contemporary devotional to any of … [Read more...]