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Choosing to Remain Under the Pagan Umbrella

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!A few years ago I expressed something very similar to what Drew expressed in his article “Why I'm not Pagan” - except he expressed it with far more tact and grace than I did. I had been looking around at the Pagan community and had a moment of realization that the community is defining people like me (polytheists) out of the group. The conversation that resulted surprised me. Feelings were hurt and friendships were lost. I've bee … [Read more...]

Tilting At Wikimills

Originally appeared at PNC-Minnesota.I’ve been engaging in something that may be an exercise in futility, working to improve (read: keep from being deleted) an article on Paganistan on Wikipedia. The article has been tagged for deletion for not being note worthy enough.  Not enough sources they consider ‘reliable’ have written about Paganistan, which is short hand for saying the mainstream press hasn’t written much about us and the other sources listed aren’t reliable for one reason or anot … [Read more...]

Hellenismos – a living, modern religion

One of the criticisms that neo-Pagans make about revived or reconstructed religions such as Hellenismos is that we live too much in the past and that our religion isn't a living, evolving and relevant spirituality. That we are slaves to the past, treating our religion as a museum piece. Frankly, sometimes this can be true. Sometimes we do spend too much time with books, losing ourselves in the minutia of the past. It can be difficult to see the relevancy of rituals and concepts from 1500 … [Read more...]

TV Docu-Reality Looking For Pregnant Pagans

Reprinted with permission from PNC-Minnesota.Sirens Media is producing a new season of the TV docu-reality series, “I’m Pregnant And…” which airs on the Discovery Fit & Health network. Topics covered in the series vary from medical conditions to alternative lifestyles or unique circumstances.  The reality show, in its second season, is a six-part series, and each 30-minute episode follows an expectant mom through her day-to-day routine while dealing with the ups and downs of pregnanc … [Read more...]

Final Push for Pagan/Japan Relief Effort

Reprinted with permission from PNC-Minnesota.The fundraising effort by the Pagan community for the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan heads into its final push this weekend.  The goal is set at $30,000 and as of press time, $28,631 has been raised since the effort began on the 14th of March. Peter DybingPeter Dybing, First Officer of Covenant of the Goddess, has set up a fundraising page to gather donations from Pagans to send to … [Read more...]

Bridging the Holiday Divide

I celebrate the Solstice. My family celebrates Christmas. My friends celebrate everything else you could name. I got no problem with the religious aspects of it all, my quandary was always more practical - how do I celebrate the holidays with them, respecting their traditions while honoring mine? Keeping the social 'rules' of Christian Christmas, Jewish Hanukkah, Pagan Yule or Winter Nights, Atheist Giftmas, etc straight can be challenging. What are the traditions? What is done when? … [Read more...]

The Best Gift is Hope

This is dedicated to my best friend, Debbie. I love you.These ornaments are getting old and the bow is a bit wrinkled but I can't help but feel joy when I look at them.There's a bit of a story to these, so I hope you will indulge me. About 16 years ago, my husband left me, so it was just me and my son together. He also racked up a considerable debt before leaving the state, and I was left to pay it off. It was near Christmas and I had no money. When I say "no money" I mean I had NO MONEY - … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving – Gratitude, Family, & Citizenship – Apaturia

Thanksgiving, when you get past the elementary school fluff, has three things as its focus: an attitude of conscious thankfulness, strengthening familial bonds, and celebrating our citizenship through a shared founding mythos. The Apaturia, a three day festival celebrated by both ancient Greeks and some modern Hellenic Pagans, has the same three elements. Which is why some US Hellenes are not just celebrating the Apaturia in place of Thanksgiving, but see them as essentially the same holiday … [Read more...]

World Peace Day – September 21st

World Peace.  The concept is a cliche used by beauty queen contestants and politicians.  It's hard to even define the what the word peace means, let alone get the whole world in on the act.  For some peace is simply the absence of war or physical violence.  For others it is a state of mind within an individual, a lack of inner discord.  Safety, justice, and equity are terms that crop up when talking about peace.I'm a person who believes neither peace nor hostility are the natural resting … [Read more...]

The Missing Call for Divine Justice

The anniversary of 9/11 is always a difficult time for me. Like many people, I lost someone dear to me that day. On the day itself, I stay away from tv, radio, and the internet, mourning and remembering in my own fashion. But the days leading up to and after the anniversary date I can't help but seeing various opinions and thoughts about That Day.Reading the various opinion articles by people of many different religions I'm struck by common themes - forgiveness, healing our nation, and showing … [Read more...]