Tim Dalrymple is a good guy. If I were in the midst of paintball battle or organizing an interfaith event, I could do much worse than having Tim on my team. However, Tim is an evangelical Christian, and acts like one. His opinions and arguments are formed by Evangelical Christianity, and it also informs his actions. Which means in certain contexts, Tim is predictable. As am I. In a debate on same-sex marriage you could probably represent Tim and I… Read more

I really want the Patheos Pagan Facebook page to reach 4,000 by Saturday, September 22nd. We are so close, and I really want to hit that number. I am willing to embarrass myself to reach that goal. So here’s the deal: if Patheos Pagan on FB reaches 4k likes by the 22nd, I will do a happy dance video for the entire length of a song. You get to vote on the song. (As of writing Bohemian Rhapsody is in… Read more

I agreed to edit a devotional anthology to Hephaistos a coon’s age ago. Submissions poured in. And I couldn’t do it. I feel pretty crappy about that. Today I turned all the material over to someone else to assemble into a devotional. The reason I couldn’t do it is because I have very strong personal relationship with Hephaistos. And all of those submissions bore little relevance to my personal relationship to him. It was as if they were talking about… Read more

The Five Points of Pagan Calvinism The Fluidity and/or Subjectivity of Ultimate Spiritual Reality The Pagan Elect Transcendence Irresistible Enlightenment Exclusive Pluralism The Fluidity and/or Subjectivity of Ultimate Spiritual Reality There is a mystical Oneness of All Things which permeates all of nature. No thing is ever separate from the One. Separateness is an illusion and an error. We perceive separateness by being unaware of or unwilling to recognize the logical elegance, fluidity and adaptability of the One. Any attempt… Read more

[Sometimes I have ideas for blog posts that I know will get me a lot of flack, and so I hold onto them until my loins are properly girded to deflect flack. Or I just save them up, mix them together and get them out of my system all at once. This post is of the latter type, and my loins aren’t really girded at all.] There are a lot of thoughts about our relationship to the gods. The one… Read more

I am in a new state, in a strange part of the country, with three suitcases and a backpack. I don’t have a lot of money, and all of my options seem confusing. Yesterday was a rough day, and today is shaping up to be more of the same. I am a weepy, worrying mess today. So what do you do? Where do you turn? As a Pagan who is facing an adventure fraught with both excitement and fear? I… Read more

I remember where I was. I was watching tv when the second plane came out of nowhere and Peter Jennings lost his cool on air. I was scared, I had nightmares, and I prayed for the victims and their families. But 11 years later, I think I know less about 9/11 than on that first horrible day. I’ve had over a decade of misinformation, jingoism, and illogical cries of war hurled at me, and every anniversary of that terrible date… Read more

Saturday I went to the Twin Cities Pagan Pride and had a wonderful time. I have a lot to write about, but my main impression of it was that it was marvelously public. Held in a large park in the midst of the city, people wandered by and through and around the PPD festivities. Bicyclists would pause on a bench to listen to the music. Little kids would run along the path of the labyrinth. People would stop to watch,… Read more

Today I’m catching a ride with some friends to Twin Cities Pagan Pride. And strangely enough, I just realized it will be my first Pagan Pride. I’ve just never made it to one before, generally due to transportation issues. So on my first, somewhat whirlwind, week in the area, I will be thrown in the midst of Minnesota Pagandom. Right in the heart of Paganistan proper. So while I’m chatting up local folks and grooving to the music of Murphey’s… Read more

Part of my journey to the midwest included a really fascinating chat with a friend over the decades of archives he is combing through from his parent’s coven. The sheer number of documents he is dealing with is astounding. The proper cataloging and archiving of all this material will take a significant amount of time. As he showed me old newsletters and notes from the early 80’s, I couldn’t help but think about all the other boxes, file cabinets, trunks… Read more

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