Will Ferrell’s Harry Caray – A Little Friday Funny

Earlier this summer my kids were playing little league, so we started watching some pro baseball, hoping to learn about the game. It’s been fun to be a Royals fan for the first time in a long time.

I haven’t watched baseball much since 1994. Mr. K died in 1993, and the strike came in 1994. Since then mall market teams have been at a pretty serious disadvantage and the Royals have never quite been the same.

I’ve been pretty ticked off at the players since 1994, too. Salaries soared out of control, and huge market teams kept sweeping up all of the Royals’ talent. Every season we would watch the world series with two or three ex-Royals playing for other teams… guys we had to let go because we couldn’t pay them enough. To this day I leave the room every time Carlos Beltran is up to bat.

Baseball has more mystique than any other sport. When I was a kid I used to sneak my transistor radio to bed and listen to Royals games at night. Listening to Denny Matthews voice each night was like having your cool uncle read a bedtime story that never ends. I thought I would never recover after 1980. George Brett almost hit .400 all year, but came in at .390. An amazing year but I was so sure he was going to pull it off. My guys made it all the way to the World Series, but lost in game six to to Philly. I was crushed. 1985 made up for all of that – World Series Champs. It was the best year. I held my George Brett rookie card in my hands for the entire game 7 until we started just killing the Cards.

This year the Royals have been a blast to watch. They are a really young team, tons of energy, lots of hustle, and they seem like they are really getting into winning. They’re in the midst of a 9-game winning streak right now, and are just a few games out of the last wild-card spot. So, in honor of the boys in blue, I thought a little fake Harry Caray might work for the Friday Funny. Have a great weekend everyone.

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