Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I have a standard order at every restaurant I go to, an order from which I rarely deviate. I confess that if I go to a brand new place, I order something that is as similar as possible to my other standard orders. I’m trying to figure out what this says about [Read More…]

An Ohio Christian College Loses Popular Professor: Cedarville Does Some Soul Searching

I think a lot of Christian College campuses must be going through issues like this right now. The fundamentalist message is so incompatible with a post-modern worldview, that the entire philosophy major has to be shut down. Shane Claiborne isn’t allowed on campus because his ideas might be challenging? Really? I remember Cedarville U. because [Read More…]

This Kid is Destined for Politics – Your Friday Funny

So last week this video went viral. It’s a clip of a kid lying to his mom about eating sprinkles in the kitchen while she wasn’t looking. The kid stuck to his story even though the evidence was all over his face. Ellen DeGeneres found out about it and booked the kid on her show [Read More…]

How to Talk to Children About God – Part II

Last week I wrote a post, How to Talk to Children About God (Heaven, Hell, Jesus, Salvation, and How it All Works). I have been interested in the negative response to one single sentence: “Her base identity before she is a girl, your daughter, a sister, white, American, etc, is that she belongs to Jesus.” [Read More…]

Lent: Learning to See In the Dark

I cannot think of Lent w/out thinking of this scene from Apollo 13. Our culture can sell us a million different ways to keep the lights on. It takes a practice like Lent to teach us how to switch them off so that we can learn to see in the dark – even if it [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I did not watch the Grammy Awards last night. I confess that I have been unable to watch since about 1998, about the time I started making records and living off songwriting and performing. I’m sure it is some sort of personal defect, but although I love the performances, the awards themselves [Read More…]

Pope Benedict XVI Announces His Retirement.

Pope Benedict stunned the world this morning when he announced his own retirement. I did not see this coming. I have not been a huge fan of Benedict as I’ve watched him forcibly quash the influence of liberation theology and move the Roman Catholic church toward toward the conservative in nearly all things. I hope [Read More…]

The Gospel Cannot Happen In Your Head Alone

This came from Richard Rohr, The Good News According to Luke: Spiritual Reflections, p. 138. I love how Rohr emphasizes Jesus’s teaching about giving and receiving love. This is such a key piece of what it means to encounter God. If we lose this, we lose everything. The Gospel cannot happen in your head alone. The gospel [Read More…]

Prepare to Laugh Your Face Off: “That Angel Guy Just Felt Me Up”

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. Thanks the G. Madden for posting it. I needed a good laugh and this does the trick. So here’s some more over the top Friday Funny: [Read more…]

Friday Funny: How to Write a Worship Song (In Five Minutes or Less)

This kid is every youth minister’s nightmare (but in a good way). Here he is ripping on the repetitive and derivative nature of modern worship music. It’s not a bad critique, as long as we remember that a similar critique can be made of most music in the pop/rock genre. It reminds me of my [Read More…]