Monday Morning Confessional – Birthday Edition

I confess today is my birthday – I was born in 1969 which makes me 43. I confess that 43 doesn’t feel as old as it sounded when I was young. I confess that I am attempting to reduce the number of exclamation points I use while writing. When I’m writing books, articles, or for [Read More…]

Contemplative Prayer: The Path to Wisdom

I’ve been contemplating this simple quote from Richard Rohr: “I think some experience of God is necessary for mental and emotional health. You basically don’t belong in the universe until you are connected to the center and the whole, and a word for that is “God.” When you live in the false self you are [Read More…]

Why Pulpit Freedom Sunday is a Really Terrible Idea

This Sunday morning hundreds of pastors will participate in what is being called, “Pulpit Freedom Sunday.” The program is the creation of a conservative political action group called the Alliance Defending Freedom, formerly known as the Alliance Defense Fund (you can read a little bit about them here). The agenda behind Pulpit Freedom Sunday is [Read More…]

Here’s My Take on Last Night’s Debate

Last night’s first presidential debate was a great night for challenger Mitt Romney. He was the only one on the stage who looked like he knew what he was there to do (including Jim Lehrer). While Romney tenaciously attacked the president and continued to spin the GOP narrative, Obama sleepwalked through the entire night. He [Read More…]

Rich Mullins on Loneliness

I ran across this old Rich Mullins quote in a sermon I wrote a couple of years ago. When Rich died he was single and had never married, although he had been engaged for awhile earlier in his life. He was definitely a solitary man in one sense, and I know that that was hard [Read More…]

Gustavo Gutierrez on Solitude

A friend of mine sent me this today. It’s been working on me ever since I read it: Solitude is something quite different from individualism. In individualism there is a large measure of withdrawal at the level of thoughts and interests, in order to ensure a life of quiet privacy. Others may come and knock [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that just after college, I once donated plasma so that I could by a pizza. I confess that comparison is my favorite sin (you may not think comparison is a sin, but it is the way I do it), and it causes me constant trouble. I confess that one fourth of all prisoners [Read More…]

Contemplation is a Threat to the Secular Worldview, and to Most Assumptions About Prayer

Here’s a little Richard Rohr for your Sunday Morning: “Contemplation,” or meditation as it is called by some, became more popular in contemporary times through the writings of Thomas Merton. The word most Christians were more familiar with was simply “prayer.” Unfortunately, in the West prayer became something functional; something you did to achieve a [Read More…]

Friday Funny: The Lutheran Satire take on Jesus’s Wife

For your Friday Enjoyment… [Read more…]

Let Me Tell You What Is At Stake In This Election (okay, not me, but A. Barton Hinkle) The Wrong Side Must Not Win

I found this article via my friend Ginny (shout out to Ginny who reads this blog :-)). It was originally published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and was reprinted at – a site I’m not familiar with. I had to share it because it makes me laugh – mostly at myself! I didn’t reproduce the [Read More…]