Let Me Tell You What Is At Stake In This Election (okay, not me, but A. Barton Hinkle) The Wrong Side Must Not Win

I found this article via my friend Ginny (shout out to Ginny who reads this blog :-)). It was originally published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and was reprinted at Reason.com – a site I’m not familiar with. I had to share it because it makes me laugh – mostly at myself! I didn’t reproduce the [Read More…]

Why “See You At The Pole” Makes Me Nervous, and How I Would Change It

Today is the national See You At the Pole prayer event. If you don’t know what it is, just Google it. When I was touring with my band Satellite Soul, we played nearly every year at a See You At the Pole rally somewhere in the states. There was always something about it that made [Read More…]

Tuesdays With Walter Part 04 – Even Missional Leadership Attempts to Co-opt God in Support of Their Model

My series, Tuesdays with Walter, continues today with a reflection on one simple but revolutionary concept from Chapter 02 of The Prophetic Imagination. If you want to catch up here is part 01, part 02, and part 03. The point of this series is to do a close reading of WB’s great book with an [Read More…]

The Lumineers in Lawrence: “Big Parade”

I went and saw The Lumineers at Liberty Hall in Lawrence last night. It was a great show. If you don’t know their stuff, I highly recommend becoming acquainted. Ever since last night I’ve been pondering what they do live, and I realized that I’ve never really seen anything like it. A Lumineers concert feels [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional – Suck it, Nerds.

I confess that I’m ridiculously impacted by other people’s opinion of me, and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever really embrace the idea of just being who I am without trying to manage my own reputation. I confess that I am now worried that the above confession will cause people whose opinion of me [Read More…]

Les Miserables 2012 Breaks With Years of Tradition in Musical Film-making Method – and it’s a brilliant move

Les Miserables is one of the greatest artistic expressions of grace and redemption ever created. The novel was written by the great Victor Hugo, who also penned The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The story has been told in nearly artistic medium since it was first published 150 years ago this year. A new adaptation of [Read More…]

What Is It About Forgiveness That Ticks People Off?

What Is It About Forgiveness That Ticks People Off? In the wake of the insanely tasteless “Innocence of Muslims” video and the similarly dishonorable outrage and violence of part of the Muslim world, I have been surprise by the response to my response. I think the movie is awful and is probably should be considered [Read More…]

The Cast of the West Wing Unites for a little Campaigning: New Video Makes Me Wish They’d Never Left

It’s funny, it’s smart, it’s political, it’s sassy, it’s verbose, it’s Hollywood, it’s self-consumed and it’s way overcooked… it’s got to be the West Wing. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: The West Wing is the best TV show ever. The cast reunited for a little PSA regarding non-partisan ballot sections electing judges and [Read More…]

Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Christ? Yeah, not so fast…

James Martin wrote a great summary article on the recent study and publication of a text fragment dating somewhere are 350 CE in which it the writer assumes that Jesus of Nazareth was married. Martin, a Jesuit priest, reminds us of the reasons that Christians believe Jesus was not married from the Christian scriptures themselves. [Read More…]

15 Years Ago Today Rich Mullins Died and I’ve Missed Him Ever Since – Here’s Why

Fifteen years ago today my band Satellite Soul had just struggled in off the road after driving most of the night to get back to KC for a gig. We crashed at my apartment and were just waking up at two or three in the afternoon to go to our sound check when we got [Read More…]