Do You Get to Use Your Strengths at Work? A New Gallup Study Says a Majority of Americans Don’t

I read an interesting bit of research this morning from the Gallup organization on whether or not people feel as though they get to use their strengths throughout the day as a normal part of their working life. The research was a part of all of the Strengths-Finder stuff they’ve put out over the years. [Read More…]

How I Got Saved at Age Six (and lived to tell about it)

I’m on retreat and was reflecting on my baptism. Here’s what I wrote: I was six years old when I prayed the prayer I was told would allow me to become a Christian. It was a Sunday night in the little church I grew up in. Our children’s Choir was rehearsing on the stage because [Read More…]

Tuesdays With Walter Part 02 – How To Become A Prophet In Two Simple Steps

At Redemption Church our staff doesn’t read leadership books, we read about theology and scripture, so we can be formed by a story and tradition untainted by contemporary church leadership paradigms. Right now we are reading Walter Brueggemann’s The Prophetic Imagination. For the next few weeks my Tuesday blog entry will deal with this book [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional: Why Is There Always Something Wrong With Me?

Since the move to Patheos a lot of new readers have found their way to Paperback Theology. I thought it might be a good idea to explain Monday Morning Confessional a little bit. Confession is an imprecise yet powerful spiritual discipline. It’s one of those practices we have to just force into our routine by [Read More…]

Bob Newhart’s Version of Pastoral Care and Counselling

They don’t teach this method at Seminary – at least not that I ever encountered. I’m reading the book of Nehemiah every week for seven or eight weeks while I preach through it at my church. It’s been pretty interesting to read the story of the exiled community returning to find their city in ruins [Read More…]

A Few Thoughts On Obama’s Speech to the DNC2012 – The Call for Community Trumps the Primacy of the Individual

You can make anyone in public life sound like the devil if you cherry pick remarks, use them out of context, distort their true meaning, and leave out key details. Granted, some public figures make it easy to do (I’m looking at you Paul Ryan). But last night’s speech by Barack Obama was pretty long [Read More…]

Barack Obama Speech to the DNC 2012 Transcript

Michelle, I love you. The other night, I think the entire country saw just how lucky I am. Malia and Sasha, you make me so proud…but don’t get any ideas, you’re still going to class tomorrow. And Joe Biden, thank you for being the best Vice President I could ever hope for. Madam Chairwoman, delegates, [Read More…]

Transcript of Joe Biden’s Speech from the DNC 2012

My fellow Democrats, and my favorite Democrat. Jilly, I want you to know that Beau, Hunt, Ashley, and I are so proud of you. We admire the way you treat every single student who walks into your classroom. You not only teach them. You give them confidence. And the passion you bring to easing the [Read More…]

Thoughts on Day 02 of the DNC 2012 – Bill Clinton Delivers the Policy Narrative Obama Has Struggled to Articulate

Bill Clinton should still be a political punch line. After the Monica Lewinsky scandal and his impeachment by the House of Representatives one might think that he would still be too radioactive for the prime time slot at the DNC. Apparently not… because last night Bill Clinton stole the show. It was a legend do [Read More…]

Transcript of Bill Clinton’s Speech to the DNC 2012 – (Actual Transcribed Remarks)

Now, Mr. Mayor, fellow Democrats, we are here to nominate a president… and I’ve got one in mind. I want to nominate a man whose own life has known its fair share of adversity and uncertainty. I want to nominate a man who ran for president to change the course of an already weak economy [Read More…]