Great Parenting / Fatherhood / Marriage blog for Men

Great sites for men to talk about being a husband and father are kind of hard to find. What I find out there typically ranges from the choose your own adventure type, the Mr. Magoo extreme, or the extreme – which is better, but can get kind of raunchy & hardly touches on spirituality. [Read More…]

Are We Entering A New Era of Politics In Which Facts No Longer Matter?

There’s an interesting article by Michael Cooper in the NYTimes today about the way the candidates are twisting and distorting reality. Does truth really matter anymore? Cooper seems to suggest that lies only matter if you reach the tipping point and people start to think that lying is your defining characteristic. What do you think? [Read More…]

Final Thoughts on the GOP Convention – “You don’t really love that guy, do you baby?”

Back when I was in college my girlfriend (now my wife), and I broke up for a brief time, and a guy in my fraternity started calling her asking her out. That’s what Mitt Romney was doing last night at the GOP Convention, and he made an incredibly strong case for a break up. “He [Read More…]

Mitt Romney’s 2012 RNC Speech Transcript

Mr. Chairman, delegates. I accept your nomination for President of the United States of America. I do so with humility, deeply moved by the trust you have placed in me. It is a great honor. It is an even greater responsibility. Tonight I am asking you to join me to walk together to a better [Read More…]

A Few Thoughts on Day 2 of the GOP Convention – Paul Ryan Made a Huge Tactical Error

Paul Ryan’s speech was the center of attention last night. He riled up the crowd and went after Obama. What he did not do was stick to the truth. After his speech I have decided that we not only need federally fund elections, but every person running for office should have to swear an oath [Read More…]

I Am Not My Brother’s Keeper – And Other Lessons from Terence Fretheim

So I’m auditing this course at NTS under Terrence Fretheim. He’s brilliant, and here’s how I know it. About once an hour Fretheim completely messes with some deeply held belief of mine. Here are a few examples: “Let us create humankind in our image.” I’ve always taught this as a Trinitarian reference. God is the [Read More…]

GOP Convention: A Few Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts on the GOP Convention last night. I enjoyed listening to Mrs. Romney, who so clearly loves her husband and was an engaging speaker. Her speech was touching, sweet at times and made me like her quite a lot. I already tend to like Mitt Romney, but she made me like him [Read More…]

10 Guidelines for How to Read the Bible

The Bible is essential to the Christian faith. Some read it literally, some don’t, and there is a never ending discussion over the peculiar descriptor “innerancy.” Christians make many claims about the Bible, how they read it, and how they use it in worship and life. As a pastor I have observed that most Christians [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I suffer from the chronic inability to escape my own point of view. This was pointed out to me today regarding the reading of scripture, but I think it applies across the whole of my life. I confess that I believe this means that the most important learning I’ll ever do is learning [Read More…]

Living with Paradox: Learning to be Serious About the Questions

Some Sunday Wisdom from Richard Rohr: I don’t think the important thing is to be certain about answers nearly as much as being serious about the questions. When we hold spiritual questions, we meet and reckon with our contradictions, with our own dilemmas; and we invariably arrive at a turning point where we either evade [Read More…]