Rick Warren Bails on Religious Forum Citing Political Rancor as the Reason

Four years ago Saddleback held a forum with the two major candidates that was praised as fresh new alternative to the joint press conferences that debates have turned into. This year they had another planned but they pulled the plug. Warren said, “We created the civil forums to promote civility and personal respect between people [Read More…]

If Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans Ran a Church…

Just a little bit of Friday Funny…   [Read more…]

Conservative/Liberal Hatred is a Sign of Immaturity

Every week or so I read an article about the historic partisanship of the present day. Rancor between liberals and conservatives is at an all time high. Often the writer will claim partisanship is good: opposing views will be articulated by their strongest advocates. Is that really what happens? Liberals claim that conservatives hate the [Read More…]

The Poorest Fifth of Americans Out-give the Richest Fifth – Guess which Candidate Bucks the Trend?

Andrew Sullivan had an interesting take at The Dish this week. He notes that a key component of any plan to reduce the amount of money the U.S. government spends on entitlement programs will have to involve churches, ministries, and not-for-profit groups. These groups will have to shoulder more of the burden for caring for [Read More…]

What’s the common denominator for mass murderers? White, Male, Christian, or Crazy: answer may surprise you.

Elizabeth Drescher’s recent tweet, “Angry, Hateful, Demented white people are really bringing me down #Aurora#ChickFilA #OakCreek” seems to indicate her angst. She writes a brilliant article at Religion Dispatches talking about the link between masculinity and mass violence. Drescher is the fundamental question regarding the recent spate of mass murders in America: What is the common [Read More…]

A Sociological Look at the MegaChurch

The megachurch is a topic that fascinates me as a church leader. I’ve been involved in megachurch culture for a couple of decades now and have been trying to think critically about their impact on the health of the church universal. I’ve drawn a lot of conclusions to this point, some of them are in [Read More…]

The End of the Middle: How the Death of Compromise Crippled our Government

KC Star this weekend ran a story called “The End of the Middle: How the Death of Compromise Crippled our Government.” The article is well worth taking a few moments to read. Here are a few pull quotes… what do you think? “On a spring day in 1984, a politician named Tip O’Neill walked to [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that while having dinner with friends this weekend we started laughing about people farting while doing yoga. My wife said that there was one particular pose that caused a ton of people to blow, and I really wanted to know which one it was. So I googled it. I confess that I had [Read More…]

Saturday Morning Fun: Best political quiz ever at “I Side With” / take 5 min. to learn which candidates agree with you

Every election season there is some sort of quiz flying around to help you decide which candidate you should vote for. They always bug be because I never quite agree with any of the answers, so I end up having to choose the lesser of two evils, which is way too much like the ballot [Read More…]

Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math

There is a pretty stunning article by Bill McKibbin in the current Rolling Stone that I really wish everyone would read. It’s a long article, but if you’ll take the 15 or 20 minutes to actually read and digest the material, I think you’ll have a new perspective on what the world is facing. Here [Read More…]