John Piper: “God has given Christianity a masculine feel…”

A couple quick pull quotes from John Piper’s statement on masculinity and the Christian faith: “…the fullest flourishing of women and men takes place in churches and families where Christianity has this God-ordained, masculine feel,” “Theology and church and mission are marked by overarching godly male leadership in the spirit of Christ, with an ethos [Read More...]

2012 National Prayer Breakfast

It’s time for my – more or less – yearly take on the National Prayer Breakfast. This year my take is simple. President Obama made a short speech at the event. Here are a few pull quotes for the quick gist. At the bottom is a video of the speech. I try to watch these [Read More...]

“What if there’s no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.”

It’s Groundhog Day – a completely irrelevant holiday only made noteworthy because Bill Murray is the king of rock and roll. If you want to blow off your adult responsibilities, you can actually watch the entire movie online for free at youtube. Here’s the link. This is one of my all-time favorite movies. It perfectly [Read More...]

Theology Matters

I stumbled across this interesting video the other day. It’s really well done & as a theology nerd, I enjoyed it. It’s a promotional tool for a book called Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris. I have never read the book and so cannot recommend it. However I can quibble with one aspect of what [Read More...]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I am on retreat at Conception Abbey until Wednesday. I confess that I have tried to post my confession all day I have not been able to. Blogger is blocked on the computers here, and my goofy EVO wasn’t allowing me to type in the field for a blog entry. I couldn’t [Read More...]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gay Pride Parade…

So – at a Chicago gay pride parade a group of Christians showed up… what do you think they were there for? This is typically the point at which we learn that Fred Phelps and his crazy family were there with their “God hates fags” signage.. Thankfully that’s not what happened. Look at this: What [Read More...]

Lampooning the Modern Worship Service

This is one of my all time favorite clips. I know it’s old, but I ran into today by accident & couldn’t stop laughing. The clip is produced like a movie trailer – explaining everything which happens in nearly every contemporary church in Americaeach weekend – eerily on target. I’m pretty sure NorthPoint made the [Read More...]

Phineas & Ferb Meet Epiphany

This Sunday is the fourth Sunday in Epiphany. In the church calendar, Epiphany means, “to show, to reveal, to make known,” and so during this season we tell these great stories from the life of Jesus, about how God began to reveal who Jesus really was and what he was trying to do. We are [Read More...]

State of the Union Brings Inequality into Focus

One of the major themes of President Obama’s State of the Union Address last night was the inequality between the rich and the poor. It made the main headline in today’s Washington Post. The president noted that something is wrong when Warren Buffett pays fewer taxes than his secretary. If you want to read a [Read More...]

Mark Driscoll: Talking Church Discipline Mars Hill Style

Matthew Paul Turner is a friend of mine from way back in the Satellite Soul days. He used to run one of the really cool coffeehouse venues, Jammin Java, in Maryland. Later he was the editor of CCM Magazine. He’s an author & humorist now (satirist maybe? – just think John Stewart or Colbert for [Read More...]