Here’s What William Cavanaugh had to say about Public Jesus

When I read Torture and Eucharist by William Cavanaugh, it was a profound experience. I had not come anywhere close to understanding how central the Eucharistic life must be to the believer and the life of the church. His retelling of the horrors of the Pinochet regime and the essential nature of an embodied faith. [Read More…]

Review of Public Jesus at the Houston Chronicle

Marty Troyer, who blogs as the Peace Pastor for the Houston Chronicle, just put up a review of Public Jesus. Here’s an excerpt. Author Tim Suttle’s answer in his powerful new book,Public Jesus, is equally stunning, though completely opposite. With equal parts creativity and courage Suttle encourages us to base all of life, and all of our ethics, [Read More…]

Take it and read it

I run most every day on the Mill Creek Trail. Most days I can make it five or six miles along Mill Creek on a paved pathway made for bikers and foot traffic. Late this spring I was running one afternoon, and we had just had several days of rain. I was crossing through a [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I learned an extremely important lesson last night: If you eat Golden Grahams with m&ms, they taste almost exactly like smores (only without the mess). Amazing. I confess that this is a revelation that is certain to change my life for the better. I confess that Aaron Sorkin is my favorite living [Read More…]

The Top Ten Books Every Christian Should Read: my required reading list for life

I have been thinking about the ten books every Christian should read. I’ve been composing the list in my head, and it’s harder than you think. You need qualifiers. Here are mine: broad subject range, deep but not obscure, non-fiction (with one exception), focused on discipleship and the Christian story, fit more in the theological [Read More…]

Getting Out of My Head

The Suttle family is on vacation right now, actually more of a stay-cation. We’re sticking close to home this year and doing some work on our house. We haven’t touched our spare bedroom since we moved in ten years ago and the room could use some care. So my project for the vacation has been [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I’m on week two of my working vacation. I hope this week is more vacation and less working. I confess that I cannot begin to understand what makes a person walk into a movie theater to kill and injure complete strangers for no apparent reason. I confess that I immediately try to [Read More…]

How Do We Know the Bible is True?

I have a friend who is working with students this summer and she’s been given a topic on which she is supposed to speak: How do we know the Bible is true? It’s a tough question to be sure, and if something inside doesn’t at least resist the question a little bit, then we’re not [Read More…]

Public Jesus is Now Available!

Hey friends, I’m putting this post up to let everyone know that my 2nd book has officially been released. The book is called Public Jesus. The book is meant to help churches and people to have a healthy discussion about politics in an election year. Politics is really just an ongoing dialogue – sometimes more [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I am officially on vacation for the next few weeks – really more of a stay-cation, which is not my favorite. I confess that I’ll be doing projects around the house for most of the three weeks, starting with a new study room for the boys. I further confess that this will [Read More…]