Mark Driscoll: Talking Church Discipline Mars Hill Style

Matthew Paul Turner is a friend of mine from way back in the Satellite Soul days. He used to run one of the really cool coffeehouse venues, Jammin Java, in Maryland. Later he was the editor of CCM Magazine. He’s an author & humorist now (satirist maybe? – just think John Stewart or Colbert for [Read More...]

Should Churches Be Allowed to Meet in Public Schools?

New York City Housing Authority officials have notified all of the churches who rent space in their public schools that they are no longer welcome as of Feb. 12. This decision came without warning and some say it threatens to violate an earlier Supreme Court Ruling on religious use of public space. After numerous protests [Read More...]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that one of the more annoying pre-holiday issues in 2011 was that our refrigerator died. Almost everything in it was ruined and we had to drop a thousand dollars on the unplanned purchase of a new fridge. I confess that this is why I’m doubly annoyed by the fact that our washing machine [Read More...]

Romney Lip Reading… holy cow!

Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary this weekend, which makes the primary season a little more interesting. This is now a two-man race, and one which defies all of the norms of party politics going back to 1972, when the current form of choosing a candidate was instituted. Here’s an interesting article on what’s [Read More...]

What is up with Mark Driscoll?

Mark Driscoll is a Christian superstar. He’s the head pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, and started a church planting organization called the Acts 29 Network. He is in the news a lot because he writes books and says inflammatory things: He suggested that Ted Haggard’s wife was to blame for is affair with [Read More...]

Fleecing the Flock: A Snapshot of America’s Richest Pastors

The Huffington Post’s Jaweed Kaleem ran an interesting article on the salaries of MegaChurch pastors. This makes me want to throw-up. I gathered the evidence here so you can see it at a glance. It’s so sad to see how these towers of the church have suffered for the gospel. Rick Warren stands alone – [Read More...]

You Cannot Do Anything!

You have to watch this SNL video! The “Youtube” generation got a self-confidence check Saturday night, in what I think was the best sketch-based social commentary on SNL since the last presidential election. This video is hilarious. There is just enough truth to the premise to make us all a little uncomfortable. It’s kind of [Read More...]

The End of Planned Obsolescence?

You know that thing they have each year all of the companies who make consumer electronics get together for a convention to show off their stuff (and apple never comes because they have their own way of doing everything)? Well, it’s called the Consumer Electronics Show & it just happened. Here’s a quick list of [Read More...]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that when I was young many people who surrounded me in my little world held MLK in deep suspicion. He was not considered a great man by them. I often heard statements like, “Once the FBI files on MLK are opened, the world will really see what he was like. And they won’t [Read More...]

Take the Civic Literacy Quiz

Just for fun I put together a Civic Literacy Quiz – don’t think too much about it, just fire through and then post your score in the comments. I’ll post a few notes that explain the answers in the comments a little later. Quizzes by | SnapApp Quiz Apps [Read more...]