Say Hello to the 6 Media Outlets who control nearly everything you watch and read…

Yesterday we explored the 10 companies that make most of the products we use on a daily basis. Today I want to show a snapshot of how the media companies have been changing over the past few decades, using this interesting infographic.  Some interesting facts from the Graphic are: In 1983, 90% of American Media [Read More…]

Say hello to the 10 companies who make most of our consumer products

There is a pretty interesting graphic making its way around the internet right now, showing the hundreds of corporations and brands that are owned by just a few central companies. It’s pretty amazing to think that nearly every consumer product you buy traces back to just a handful of parent corporations. These enormous corporations are [Read More…]

The Kingdom of God is like taking a ride on the Copenhagen Subway…

The Kingdom of God is like taking a ride on the Copenhagen Subway, and the Copenhagen Philharmonic breaks out into Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt. Yes… it is! [Read more…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that our family friend Jenny Hutchinson (Thompson), is in surgery at KU Med right now donating her kidney to a little boy named Hayden. I confess that I believe her act of kindness is an example of how normal everyday people can push back the darkness by imitating the life of Christ. “No [Read More…]

Ten Things You Won’t Hear at Commencement

Here’s an interesting little segment from NPR this week – 10 things you won’t hear at commencement… I’m resonating with some of what this author is talking about. It will do your soul some good to listen: [Read more…]

Don Chaffer is a Son of a Gun

A few months ago I ran into Don Chaffer at Conception Abbey. While we were catching up on what we were into at the time, Don started telling me about his work on musical theater projects. I knew Don from years of running into each other on the road w/our respective bands. Moreover, I’d never [Read More…]

Is Education Simply About Getting a Job?

One of the unique side-effects of No Child Left Behind has been the notorious necessity of “teaching to the test.” Parents, administrators, teachers, and students all seem to disdain this lamentable practice. This week I read an interesting blog post by Adam Kotsko who notes another and perhaps even more important problem with the way [Read More…]

ExxonMobil & American Power: How the most profitable corporation in America functions as a sovereign power

On her program Fresh Air, Terry Gross conducted a fascinating interview with Pulitzer Prize winning author Steve Coll. He’s written a new book called Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power which is about ExxonMobil & how they wield power in the world. Coll describes how corporations have come to wield the kind of political and economic power [Read More…]

Little Master’s Big Art – Summer Art Camps for Kids

  Ken and Kristen Deladurantaye are good friends of mine from Redemption Church. They run an incredible art school for children called Little Masters. Both Ken and Kristen are phenomenal artists in their own right. Ken has drawn for us during worship & Kristin threw pottery on a wheel once in a service, to this [Read More…]

Is Christian Non-Violence an Essential Teaching?

Our staff is reading The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren right now. We’re blowing through it pretty fast, but today we finished with Chapter 17 – The Peaceable Kingdom, a chapter on non-violence. McLaren has a few interesting comments about Christian non-violence. “Those who are committed to non-violence based on the teachings of [Read More…]