Little Master’s Big Art – Summer Art Camps for Kids

  Ken and Kristen Deladurantaye are good friends of mine from Redemption Church. They run an incredible art school for children called Little Masters. Both Ken and Kristen are phenomenal artists in their own right. Ken has drawn for us during worship & Kristin threw pottery on a wheel once in a service, to this [Read More…]

Is Christian Non-Violence an Essential Teaching?

Our staff is reading The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren right now. We’re blowing through it pretty fast, but today we finished with Chapter 17 – The Peaceable Kingdom, a chapter on non-violence. McLaren has a few interesting comments about Christian non-violence. “Those who are committed to non-violence based on the teachings of [Read More…]

West Wing is Back for a Public Service Announcement

I miss the West Wing. Sorkin was such a killer writer, and the guys who came on to keep it going after he left were not too shabby either. One of my favorite things about the show while it was on, was that the actors, writers, and producers had a healthy sense of humor about [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I almost stepped on a rattlesnake last week while running on the Mill Creek Trail (above) – literally a stride and a half from stepping on it. I confess that I immediately screamed like a little girl & nearly wet my pants. I have decided to name him “freaks” because as my [Read More…]

Should Politicians Really be Telling Theologians What to Think?

Here are a couple more interesting articles on Rep. Paul Ryan. We had a discussion about this last week that you can read about here. The first article is from the Washington Post: Faith based lesson for Paul Ryan Paul Ryan is very vocal about his Catholic faith and the role it plays in his politics. Dana [Read More…]

Why Christians Do Not Know How to Speak About Politics

This is a photo of the truck I had to follow all the way down College Ave. today in traffic. If annoying people by displaying these little gems was the desired effect, then it was a highly successful endeavor. But something tells me that one does not put “Buck Ofama” or “Spay & Neuter Liberals” [Read More…]

Scot McKnight Leaving North Park – headed for Northern Seminary

Scot McKnight announced on his blog today that he is leaving North Park University to teach at Northern Seminary. McKnight wrote: For at least five years I have had an inner yearning to teach in a seminary, to concentrate on leaders, pastors and preparing folks to work in churches and in God’s mission in this [Read More…]

Scot McKnight Leaving North Park

Scot McKnight announced on his blog today that he is leaving North Park University. He promises to make an announcement tomorrow regarding his plans… I’m guessing Duke, since they collect brilliant scholars like baseball cards… What’s your guess? McKnight is a fair minded scholar who has effectively critiqued neo-reformed folks (he calls them neo-puritan), and [Read More…]

My 2nd Book Slated to Release on June 01 Take a look at this video promo:

Sorry, I’m not able to imbed the video for some reason – to watch it just click on this link:    My 2nd book Public Jesus is slated to release June 1. You can help me spread the word about this project by linking to this post & to the video below. One of the reasons [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I took another pass at triaging my Amazon gift card dilemma. I’m still gripping, but I feel like there’s some significant internal progress being made. I confess that my top five is finally down to seven so it might be getting close to time to order: 1) Bethge’s biography of Bonhoeffer 2) [Read More…]