For my smoking hot wife… Lord hear our prayer

I like NASCAR. I know I don’t fit the profile, but I can’t help it. I’m also a pastor, which means I pray in public a lot. In a million years I would never be able to pull this off… it’s hilarious… it’s totally wrong… but I bet this guy’s congregation loves him. [Read more...]

Frederick Buechner – On Memory

I re-reading Telling Secrets by Frederick Buechner. It is a stunning thing to read an author’s account of their own worst moments. Reading Buechner’s account of his father’s suicide, his mother’s emotional distance/shallowness, and his daughters eating disorder, I feel as though I now know what it’s like to be a priest hearing confession – [Read More...]

AV Club presents the Real Royal Tenenbaums House

I will admit to loving pretty much every film Wes Anderson has made. He’s one of the great American filmmakers of all time. In this short video the AV Club takes us to the actual house in Harlem, where the film was set. Give it up for the AV Club! New York: The Royal Tenenbaums [Read More...]

Here’s Why the Gospel of Personal Salvation Isn’t Enough:

A large industrial company pollutes the environment and puts the health of the community at risk. The common laborer in the company might blame the management – they gave the orders. The head of the company might blame the board – they pressured him to act. The board might blame the chairmen – he only [Read More...]

Stanley Hauerwas on Sentimentality

Stanley Hauerwas is a once in a generation mind. He has a dual appointment at Duke Law & Duke Divinity School. He has said on many occasions that the true enemy of the Christian faith is not atheism, but sentimentality. He’s a brilliant provocateur whose talents are on full display in this clip. Here, as [Read More...]

Cornel West and the Future of Art

I’ve got a new article up at the Huffington Post on the future of art – here’s an excerpt: Cornel West fired off an interesting tweet this week: “The challenge artists face today is whether to be an underground, unheard genius, or to dilute their art for the marketplace.” In less than 140 characters West [Read More...]

Immerse Journal

I wrote an article for the July/August issue of a great youth workers journal called Immerse. Immerse is trying to foster rich theological conversation among those who work with students in the church. My friend Mike King is the managing editor. If you have a youth minister, or volunteer working with students at your church [Read More...]

Art in the 21st century

Cornell West fired off an interesting tweet today. It read: “The challenge artists face today is whether to be an underground, unheard genius, or to dilute their art for the marketplace.” I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit as an artist/musician and as a writer. Can we escape the commodification of dang-near everything? Case [Read More...]

Work & The American Workplace

I’ve been thinking through the idea of a theology of work this week, and reading some interesting stuff on it. Work in the Spirit by Miroslav Volf is a dense attempt at a theology of work. Volf is brilliant in this book & I’ve not given it the time it deserves. I’ve also been reading [Read More...]

Why are Evangelicals Losing Influence?

I’ve got a new article up on the Huffington Post today. Here’s an excerpt: “The evangelical church will have its impact on American culture not through political maneuvering, lawsuits, electing evangelical candidates, controlling the arts, or boycotting movies and products, but when evangelicals begin to embody the virtues derived from our faith. Kindness, generosity, peacefulness, [Read More...]