Stanley Fish on the Universal Rejection of Scientific Privilege

The New York Times published a 2 part story by Stanley Fish which deals with how we deal with evidence in Science and Religion. It’s well done & I recommend that you take 15 minutes and read the whole thing. Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here. Here’s a quick summary for those who [Read More…]


Sentimentality (my definition): softening the blows of reality by telling ourselves half-truths and untruths which temporarily assuage the nagging feeling that we are all living in a tragedy. Sentimentality is what a sleazy guy says to a lonely girl; it comes off cheesy, but just sweet enough to distract her from the fact that he’s [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional – An Easter Hangover

I confess that Easter may be my favorite day of the year. I love to tell the story… it never gets old. I confess that I love the culture hasn’t found a way to steal Easter yet. I confess that the day after Easter is one of the lowest days of the year for me [Read More…]

He is Risen Indeed: Frederick Buechner on the Resurrection

Frederick Buechner is one of my favorite writers. On the really big days of the Christian Calendar I look to him to speak to me, as I try to speak to others. This is a great interview he did for Religion and Ethics Newsweekly on PBS. Here are a few great pull quotes. I recommend [Read More…]

Redemption Church Logo – Designed by Matt Nagel

My friend Matt Nagel died last week & left a great number of people so very sad, myself included. I was reminded with his passing that Matt did all of the branding work for the church where I pastor. Matt worked hard to come up with an aesthetically pleasing logo we could embrace for years [Read More…]

3 Free Francis Chan Books

  My friend Scott Savage just let me know you can download three Francis Chan books for Kindle free of charge from Amazon. I’ve never read Francis Chan, but at some point I know I will need to. These are pretty well selling books, big titles, & free is always a good price. If you [Read More…]

Jesus Beer – The Sensation That’s Sweeping the Nation This Easter

I really needed a laugh today, so this post is dedicated to Matt Nagel who would have laughed out loud at this. We should be remind that life is good, even when it has a bitter after taste and gives us gas. Before you watch it, just know that what follows is wrong on so many [Read More…]

Gallup Poll: Churchgoers Report Better Moods & Higher Overall Well-being

  I’m biased, I know, but this is interesting. Gallup has recently done some research on the impact of religion upon our lives. They found there is a direct correlation between positive emotions/good moods and how often you attend church. They’ve developed something called the “well being index” in which the very religious people (defined [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional – Praying for Matt Nagel

I confess that my friend & Paperback Theology reader Matt Nagel had a stroke on Sunday while running with friends. After two surgeries he is fighting for his life at KU Medical Center while his brain swells far beyond the point of significant risk. I confess that I am heartsick. I confess that I will spend [Read More…]

Farewell to Earl Scruggs

One of the most unique musicians of a generation died yesterday. Scruggs was an icon with a banjo in his hand. Part of the legendary duo with Lester Flatt, they defined real bluegrass and took flat-picking to the masses. Scruggs played everywhere, from the White House, to Carnegie Hall, to the country fair the man [Read More…]