Christianity and the Social Crisis

“A man’s sympathy is a more decisive fact in his activity than his judgment.” p.9 [Read more...]


I had a friend throw Colossians 2:8 at me the other day. We were having a conversation and he was trying to correct what he thought was a flaw in my current spiritual path. He saw me as too open to the post-modern philosophies of the day and that this was allowing me to let [Read More...]

Truth is a person

As I’ve been reflecting on this week’s lectionary passage for Sunday, and upon last weeks passage and sermon, I’m still enthralled with the concept of truth in the scriptures. Today’s lectionary reading fed the fire as well. These are the two passages that stoked my imagination and just a couple of thoughts. 1 John 520And [Read More...]


RC for Redemption Church – cap for re-cap…get it? I’m going to attempt to recap the previous week’s research and message each week here on the blog. If you want to listen to the messages I’m giving, you can go to the RC Website. The Road to Emmaus04.26.09Luke 24:13-35 This week at RC we talked [Read More...]

The Green Man

So every evening while in the UK, we would walk the half a block down to the Green Man pub in Hurst, Berkshire. I have no real frame of reference in Kansas City, or America for that matter, through which to describe these little English pubs, especially the Green Man. If there was a place [Read More...]

Obnoxious Reading List

I’m being shamed by the stack of books at which I indolently stare. I need to read. Maybe this week I’ll make a dent? I thought I’d just get them out there – start a little public humiliation: Jurgen MoltmannTheology of HopeThe Crucified GodThe Church in the Power of the Spirit (Re-read) Walter RauschenbuschChristianity and [Read More...]

Where God Happens Book Discussion

At Redemption Church this Lent, we’ve been studying Where God Happens by Rowan Williams. It’s been a fruitful sort of online Lenten book club. Scott Savage and I have been midrashing this book together, hoping to assist people as they wrestle with the material. We’ve been recording the sessions and posting them here. Williams is [Read More...]

Good Words

I’m trying to learn about 2000 words over the next year or so. I am learning how much I love language and vocabulary in particular. Precise words packed with meaning and connotation are an incredible tool. Here are a few good words: desultory: having no purpose, plan or inthusiasm; aimless; haphazard; digressing at random; lacking [Read More...]

English Mind-Control

It’s been a couple of weeks since Kristin and I got back from England. So far we’re still plotting our return. Something about that place just sort of gets under your skin in a way that makes the suburbs feel a little dessicated. Just a few faves: – Ate fish & chips at “The Eagle [Read More...]

NT Wright & Bart Ehrman

This is an interesting MP3 of a debate between two world class scholars on the problem of evil. I’m not going to comment, only recommend that you give this a listen; fascinating stuff. [Read more...]