5 Ways to Appear Smarter… meet 5 ways to actually become smarter!

I found this at Manpacks, a quirky site I check about once a week. It’s pretty funny, so if you want you can read the article before reading on, because I’m about to rip it a little bit. Seriously… it’s funny I you might want to enjoy it first. Here’s a link. The 5 ways to [Read More…]

How the Romantic Comedy Was Born (and how it relates to Lent)

In 1930 all of the major guilds of the motion picture industry ratified the Motion Picture Production Code. This code was the beginnings of the rating system that we still have now. Part of the new rules established by the production code determined that passionate kissing was only allowed once in an entire movie, and [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional (Tuesday… again…)

I confess that I just spent a long weekend with my wife in New York City – my favorite city in the world – and so all I was not a diligent blogger over the weekend. We got in at midnight last night & I’m still feeling the city running through my veins. So, I [Read More…]

Half of US Workers Don’t Take their Vacation Time

Vacation time is essential to a healthy work life. But, accordingto LA Times business writer David Lazarus, half of all US workers donot take all of their allotted time off. The reason, he says, is that employersapply subtle pressure to make people feel as though they can’t take all oftheir vacation time. We need to [Read More…]

Colbert Cancels Show Taping – Nobody’s Talking…

*Update: Huffington Post is saying that Colbert’s Mother is sick, you can read about it here. I hope things are okay w/Stephen Colbert. They cancelled his show last night at the last minute last night saying, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, the show will air repeat episodes on Wednesday, February 15 and Thursday, February 16.” This [Read More…]

Congressional Insider Trading – Our Representatives are Embarrassing Us

Checks and balances is an essential part of the genius of the American system, but they have also slowed the government down to a grinding halt. Mired in the gridlock, it seems our representatives have found a way to kill time: insider trading. When we need our representatives to help speed economic recovery, they’ve been [Read More…]

Libertarianism and An Evangelical Social Gospel?

There is a nice book review of An Evangelical Social Gospel? up at libertarianchristians.com I think it’s a really fair review of what I tried to do in the book. It’s interesting to hear someone kind of push on my view of personhood. The atomism critique was new to me & I’ll have to investigate [Read More…]

No traction for Secularism in the UK – Why?

Front page at The Independent today contains an interesting article by Peter Popham about secularism in the UK. The British still have an official state church, and 71% ticked the “Christian” box in the last census. If you don’t want to read the whole article (it rambles), it’s worth it just to scroll to the bottom [Read More…]

My Name is Asher Lev

If you are a reader of fiction and have not yet read My Nameis Asher Lev and The Gift of Asher Lev… stop what you are doing, logon to Amazon.com, buy An Evangelical Social Gospel, then both of these books by author, painter, rabbi & my new hero – Chaim Potok. Just kidding, forget the [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I’m genuinely sad that Whitney Houston has died. I continued to wish all the way up until the end that she would find sobriety again. I confess to feelings of profound gratitude and pride for all of those people in my life who live sober despite their addictions… you know who you [Read More…]