Rob Bell / Love Wins Review – Chapter 8 – Summary

Chapter 8 Synopsis He ends the book with this quote: “May you experience this vast, expansive, infinite, indestructible love that has been yours all along. May you discover that this love is as wide as the sky and as small as the cracks in your heart no one else knows about. And may you know, [Read More...]

Rob Bell / Love Wins Review – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Synopsis: “Grace and generosity aren’t fair; that’s their very essence…that’s how things work in the father’s world. Profound unfairness. People get what they don’t deserve. Parties are thrown for younger brothers who squander their inheritance.” This is the promise of scriptures – this is the result of the life of Jesus. God does [Read More...]

Rob Bell / Love Wins Review – Chapters 5 & 6

Chapter 5 Synopsis: He starts out doing very typical atonement theology. This will not sit well with those who want to make penal substitutionary atonement the lone or controlling metaphor for atonement, but I think he does a fair job of kind beginning to talk about the other word pictures in use in the bible [Read More...]

Rob Bell / Love Wins Review – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Synopsis: This is the chapter where he begins to say things that will make some Christians uncomfortable. But making us feel uncomfortable is not a reason to call him a heretic. His case is made artfully and solidly. He gives evidence that the church fathers, the scriptures, Christians all throughout the past two [Read More...]

Rob Bell / Love Wins Review – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Synopsis: Hell. Ok, after reading this chapter it’s clear that Bell is not giving up on the concept, idea, or reality of hell. He is, however, stubbornly resolved to allow the bible to frame our categories of thought when we talk about hell. He goes through every single reference in the scripture that [Read More...]

Rob Bell / Love Wins Review – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Synopsis: We have been taught that heaven is always about somewhere else. But the scriptures do not talk about heaven in this way. Not ever. Heaven is not what we escape to. Bell rightly connects Jesus to the line of prophets before him. They talked about “this age” and “the age to come.” [Read More...]

Rob Bell / Love Wins Review – Part 01

LOVE WINS by Rob Bell I’ve written these responses to each of the chapters of Rob Bell’s book on facebook, but am beginning to post them here as well. These are merely meant to talk about what Bell actually says, and help to think about it critically. Preface: Jesus’s story is first and foremost about [Read More...]

A Peaceable Kingdom

I’m doing a close reading of Stanley Hauerwas’ great book A Peaceable Kingdom. Here’s my favorite passage from today: “Of course, Christians are not just asked to see themselves as sinners. We are to do something about our sin. We are called to be disciples and even to count ourselves as among the righteous. Our [Read More...]

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Bonhoeffer as our Christian Guide in the Middle Tim Suttle New Article us up on the Huffington Post Now. [Read more...]

This… is when you know we’re going to hell.

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