The Words of Paul

We’re are doing a series on the words of Paul at Redemption Church. The idea is to delve into five words that pop up over and over in Paul’s writings. If we can explore these words – which are really themes that are repeated and developed – we can become better readers of Paul, and [Read More...]

Reading Rauschenbusch

One of the original ideas for the book An Evangelical Social Gospel? was rooted in my reading of A Theology for the Social Gospel by Walter Rauschenbusch. Walter Rauschenbusch was a Baptist minister who led a church of poor German immigrants living in Hell’s Kitchen a little over a century ago. This was a bad [Read More...]

What Makes NT Wright Crazy?

Messianic Lunacy from The Work Of The People on Vimeo. Admittedly – I think N.T. Wright is a genius. Everyone who does New Testament studies for the next century or two will have to deal with him. It’s a blast to be alive at the same time and enjoy his influence. Here’s a quick video [Read More...]

Theoblogy: Christian Spirituality Reading

This is a killer reading list from Tony Jones’s blog. These are works centered on Christian Spirituality listed on a syllabus he’s created for a DMin. class at Fuller Seminary. I love several things about the list: One, it is eclectic – lots of different styles and strands of the conversation are represented. Two, it [Read More...]

Book Release / Huffington Post

The book is officially released! You can get it at, and the Kindle Edition is available as well. Thanks for all you are doing to support this. Also there is a new article up highlighting the book at the Huffington Post. Each time a person clicks “like” or shares the article via twitter/facebook/social media, [Read More...]

Paul Raushenbush on “An Evangelical Social Gospel?”

Paul Raushenbush has been a in important part of the project which became An Evangelical Social Gospel? Paul encouraged me to write the book & gave me some extremely helpful guidance along the way. He has also given me many opportunities to write and opened doors for me that would never have been opened otherwise. [Read More...]

Steve McCormick on “An Evangelical Social Gospel?”

“Every once in a while, as we journey in faith, we will discover the kind of guide who not only helps us find our way, but our voice. Tim Suttle has not only found his way further into God’s Kingdom, but he has discovered his own voice by rediscovering a like-minded pastor, theologian, and fellow [Read More...]

John Franke on “An Evangelical Social Gospel?”

“In this remarkable and enjoyable book Tim Suttle draws on the theology of Walter Rauschenbusch in offering a holistic account of the Gospel that is truly good news for the world. In so doing he reminds us that the invitation to follow Jesus and participate in the mission of God involves all that we are [Read More...]

Christopher Evans on “An Evangelical Social Gospel?”

“Combining elements of history, theology, and autobiography, Tim Suttle has written a thought-provoking book that serves as a fresh assessment of Walter Rauschenbusch for the 21st century church. In an age when many Christians use labels such as ‘evangelical’ and ‘liberal’ in an uncritical fashion, Suttle calls upon his audience to reflect on how a [Read More...]

Tony Campolo on “An Evangelical Social Gospel”

“This is a down-to-earth account of how the thinking of a young Evangelical changed his understanding of the Gospel from a message that addressed individualistic sin management to a holistic Gospel that includes a strong emphasis on justice. He makes the teachings of Walter Rauschenbusch accessible to all readers, but undoubtedly this book will have [Read More...]